“Video Lucem” brings comedy in double dose to the Igreja Matriz in Ferragudo

The comedy will invade the Igreja Matriz de Ferragudo, in Lagoa, tomorrow, March 8. The new cinema-concert of […]

the comedy goes encroach the Parish Church of Ferragudo, in Lagoa, tomorrow, March 8th. "Video Lucem" promises to make everyone laugh, with the adventures of the short film “Ring Up the Curtain”, by Harold Lloyd, set to music by João Frade's accordion, and the film “Sherlock Jr”, by Buster Keaton, which will have Noiserv in the musical part.

This choice of movies is not innocent. The entire programming of the second edition of “Video Lucem” is made of silent cinema and, as such, «we could never leave its register of comedy», as he explained, to Sul Informação, Sérgio Marques, the programmer of the initiative.

Thus was born this session, which will show films by two of the «main names» of comedy in silent cinema: Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd, the latter a little less known. Charles Chaplin is the other unavoidable name and he also had a session dedicated to him: the first, in the Church of São Francisco, in Faro.

A challenge". This is how Noiserv, in declarations to our newspaper, sees this cine-concert to which he will take his “musical universe”, composed of several instruments. In the accompaniment of “Sherlock Jr”, there will therefore be sounds of guitars, keyboards and even metallophones.

Noiserv has already seen the film, considering that "it is a challenge to try not to impoverish" such a "funny" film. “The film is what guides me. There are some lines thought out, but I have to be watching the film, while I'm making the music, so that the images are the masters», he said.


This won't be the first time that Noiserv will set silent films to music.

«I tried with the aesthetics of some of the songs to reinforce the emotion that is going on at that moment. I managed, in my opinion, a strong connection between music and images», he added.

This session takes place on International Women's Day and, also for that reason, the musician hopes that "there are many women" to attend the cine-concert.

As for the choice of the Parish Church of Ferragudo, Sérgio Marques revealed that it was a suggestion by the Pastoral da Cultura of the Diocese of Algarve. Even because the idea is that the program will also reach “the places with less population”, he explained.

If you want to watch the adventures of Harold Lloyd staging a play or Buster Keaton, who is a film projectionist but dreams of being a detective, he has to be, at 21 pm, in this special cinema room… which is a church.

Admission is free, as it always happens with “Video Lucem”, a program supported by "365Algarve" and is organized by the Cineclube de Faro.