Portimão Chamber performs “preventive intervention” at Praia dos 3 Irmãos to replace sand

The Municipality of Portimão is carrying out a "preventive intervention" at Praia dos 3 Irmãos, near Alvor, to restore […]

Photos: Sul Informação

The Municipality of Portimão is carrying out a «preventive intervention» at Praia dos 3 Irmãos, near Alvor, to replace the sand, in order to protect the existing restaurants from the possible effects of the heavy rain and sea agitation caused by Storm Felix. bring in the next few hours.

Source of the Portimão Chamber told the Sul Informação that “last week, with the storm, the sand and above all the area next to a water line that flows into this beach were very fragile. The sea washed away the sand, right next to the restaurants, and the situation deserves some concern, with the approach of a new storm».

“Not only is a new storm expected at sea, but, above all, a lot of rain, as well as still very high tides. Therefore, these preventive works are being carried out, to prevent things from getting even worse than they already are,” added the same source.

The intervention is being carried out with machines, to replace sand in some places, namely near one of the restaurants located near the water line, which, as seen in the photo, was at risk after last week's storm .

For her part, Isilda Gomes, president of the Portimão Chamber, told the Sul Informação that “what is being done there is just to give the restaurant owners more peace of mind. What happened at Praia dos 3 Irmãos last week has already happened at other times and then the sea itself is in charge of replenishing the sands».

The mayor added that "this time, with this new storm, it is not expected to swell as strong as last week, so it is not expected that the effects will be as negative."

Isilda Gomes also revealed that she had already spoken with the Minister of Environment about the damage caused to the coast of her county, and not only, by storms. "The minister told me that, after all these storms have passed, the damage will be assessed and the contribution that may be made to recover it."

Sebastião Teixeira, regional director of the Portuguese Environment Agency, the entity responsible for managing the coast, told our newspaper that «the Municipal Councils have autonomy to carry out these small interventions, in specific situations, to protect beach support».

The Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere warned that the effects of the Felix Depression, which are already being felt today, they should arrive in mainland Portugal, especially from the early morning of Saturday, the 10th. Occurrence of sometimes heavy rain, possibility of thunderstorms, strong wind and the possibility of extreme wind phenomena, as well as great swell, are forecast until Monday.

Damage to walkways and accesses caused by last week's storm – Photo: Sul Informação


Updated at 13:28 pm, adding the statements by the president of the Chamber Isilda Gomes.