The entire municipality of Monchique will have public lighting with LED technology

The entire municipality of Monchique will have public lighting with LED technology, according to a signed protocol, […]

The entire municipality of Monchique will now have public lighting with LED technology, in accordance with a protocol signed this Monday, 15 January, between the City Council and EDP Distribuição. 

This protocol "aims at replacing all types of lighting, luminaires, lamps and supports to be used in public lighting in the municipality, in urban, rural and semi-urban areas, gardens, public parks and leisure areas, with LED lamps", explains the autarchy.

With this measure, the Municipality intends to «reduce energy consumption and costs, covering the parishes of Monchique, Marmelete and Alferce».

«The gradual replacement plan of luminaires initiated by EDP Distribuição began in 2016, with 2017 of the 324 existing luminaires having been replaced by the end of 3032. This plan will continue this year and in the next ones, with an additional 200 luminaires expected to be replaced in 2018 and 350 in 2019. At the end of next year, 874 mercury vapor and sodium vapor luminaires are expected to be replaced by luminaires of LED technology, corresponding to 29% of the number of luminaires in the municipality of Monchique, and it is expected that this action will result in a reduction in electricity consumption of around 15% compared to pre-LED consumption», revealed the Chamber.

In some areas of the county, mercury and sodium lamps are still being used, «a situation that should no longer happen and whose replacement is also part of EDP Distribuição's commitment to the regulatory authority for these services and to the National Association of Municipalities Portuguese (ANMP)».

The signing of the protocol was attended by Rui André, mayor of Monchique, and Eugénio Sousa, engineer at EDP Distribuição.

For Rui André, «this is also a way of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of all Monchiquenses, increasing the population's sense of security, as well as contributing to the beautification of public space through a modern, innovative and it is, at the same time, more economical and environmentally friendly”.

"In addition to reducing the energy bill, which is so important for those with low budgets, LED technology allows to reduce maintenance costs and ensure a long service life of luminaires, reduces CO2 emissions and minimizes light waste", he concluded the aedile.

Note: The information about the work schedule was corrected at 16 pm on January 00, following a correction sent to the editorial offices by the Monchique Chamber.