Legionella has been eradicated and Escola de Ourique spa ready to reopen

The women's spa at the Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo at Escola EB 2,3 e Secundária de Ourique is “in conditions” to reopen, after […]

Ourique School Group Photo

The women's spa in the Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo of the EB 2,3 and Secondary School of Ourique is "in conditions" to reopen, after the eradication of legionella. 

It was at the end of November that, in one of “the regular water quality analyzes of the most used public facilities, a value of Legionella in that spa», says the Chamber of Ourique.

Immediately, the women's spa was closed.

As for the interventions carried out, a filter was installed in the water inlet conduit of the water heating system, where sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) is injected and all showers were disinfected, also with chlorine (higher points spread of aerosols).

In addition, “an electronic mixer with thermal disinfection was ordered to prevent the reappearance of legionella' says the Chamber of Ourique.

In addition, a chemical disinfection was carried out and a thermal disinfection will be carried out. After these interventions were completed, the Municipality carried out new analyses, with the results being totally negative in relation to the possibility of the existence of the bacterium. legionella.