Photo by Miguel Claro with the castle of Mértola highlighted on the American website

An image by photographer Miguel Claro, against the background of the castle of Mértola, was highlighted on the website […]

An image of the photographer Miguel Claro, with the castle of Mértola as a background, was featured on the New York site, announced the Chamber of that Alentejo town.

With the title «Earthshine Reveals a Lunar Silhouette Over Medieval Portuguese Castle», which could be translated as «Earthshine reveals the lunar silhouette over a Portuguese medieval castle», the image published on the North American specialized website was made, as the Portuguese photographer points out , in the Dark Sky® Alqueva Reserve, one of the best places in all of Europe to photograph the stars.

Na publication, the circumstances in which the photograph of Miguel Claro it was made on the night of December 18th, just before Christmas. It also explains how the phenomenon of the Earth's glow on the surface of the Moon, in the middle of the New Moon, works.

Miguel Claro is a Portuguese photographer, author and science communicator, who creates spectacular night and star photographs.