Maritime Authority recovered a sailboat that was dragged "to the claw" in the Ria Formosa

A ten-metre sailboat that got stuck next to one of the signal buoys of the Olhão channel from […]

A ten meter sailboat that got stuck next to one of the signal buoys of the Olhão da Ria Formosa channel, after being dragged "by the claw" due to the strong winds that were felt yesterday, January 29, was recovered by Maritime Police and the Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos.​

The vessel, of British registration, was anchored in the Ria Formosa, next to the Culatra, before being dragged. According to the Maritime Authority, the sailboat "had no one on board, nor was it possible to contact the owner or person in charge."

For reasons of safety of the navigation and of the vessel itself, taking into account that this «was in the navigation channel, constituting a danger», the sailboat was towed to the anchorage of Culatra, «where it remained in safety».

The Maritime Authority recalled that "the safety of vessels anchored in Culatra by their own means must be duly taken care of by those responsible."

This is, added AMN, "an area that, with strong winds in the Northwest/East/Southeast direction, is exposed, with this type of occurrence regularly occurring, which can lead to damage to vessels and other property, namely, in existing nurseries nearby'.