Loulé MTB team wins Algarve Championship of MTB Marathons

Last Sunday, 18 June, the BTT Loulé/BPI/Elevis team won nine Algarve champion jerseys in individual and […]

The BTT Loulé/BPI/Elevis team won, last Sunday, 18 June, nine Algarve champion jerseys in individual and the collective title, in the Algarve Championship of BTT Marathons (XCM), which took place in Odemira.

The route of the race was about 74 kilometers and 1400 of accumulated unevenness and was «very difficult by the intense heat that was felt during the race», says BTT Loulé.

The race was organized by Clube BTT de Odemira in collaboration with the Municipality of Odemira.


Regional Champions of the Algarve XCM 2017:

M elites: Andrew Henriques (BTT Loulé / BPI / Elevis)

F elites: Celina Carpenter (BTT Loulé / BPI / Elevis)

Sub-23: Dinis Martins Sub 23 (Extremesul / Clinica de Pêra)

Master 30 M.: Gonçalo Brito (Chão das Donas / Burger Ranch)

Master 30 F.: Teresa Fernandes (DuraizosBTT/Lusabikes)

Masters 35: Valerio Ferreira (BTT Loulé / BPI / Elevis)

Master 40 M.: Filipe Salvado (BTT Loulé / BPI / Elevis)

Master 40 F.: Elisete Sousa (BTT Loulé / BPI / Elevis)

Masters 45: António Brissos Master (BTT Loulé / BPI / Elevis)

Masters 50: Mário Sebastião (BTT Loulé / BPI / Elevis)

Masters 55: José Coelho Master (Extremesul / Hotel Alisios / Cenmais)

Masters 60: Carlos Cabrita (BTT Loulé / BPI / Elevis)

Juniors: André Cruz (BTT Loulé / BPI / Elevis)

Teams: MTB Loulé / BPI / Elevis