Mini chef Pedro Jorge and Herman José are guests of Terra de Maio in Castro Marim

The 10th edition of the Terra de Maio fair, taking place from the 26th to the 28th of May, at Centro Multiusos do […]

The 10th edition of the Terra de Maio fair, taking place from May 26th to May 28th, at Centro Multiusos do Azinhal, in Castro Marim, will feature a concert by Herman José, on the 27th, at 22 pm, but also with a concert. shoowcooking from the mini private Pedro Jorge, former competitor of the program Junior Master Chef, on the same day, at 19 pm.

For this concert, the comedian will bring “One (Her)Man Show”. Having as its motto the promotion and increase of the Algarvian breed goat and the knowledge and flavors associated with it, Terra de Maio will also have local cuisine, commercialization of traditional products, wine shows, live handicrafts, cooking demonstrations, exhibitions with varied themes, children's workshops and lots of musical entertainment.

Embracing the challenge proposed by the Castro Marim City Council, ANCCRAL (National Association of Breeding Goats in the Algarve) promotes the 2nd edition of the “Biggest Goat Cheese of the Algarve Breed”, a fresh cheese weighing approximately 40 kilos and 80 centimeters of diameter, for which approximately 170 liters of milk will be needed, produced at Centro Multiusos. The cheese will be served at the fair at 18:00 on the 27th.

As for the opening of Terra de Maio, on the 26th, also at 18 pm, it will be animated by the group “BomBoémia” and will be marked by the inauguration of the exhibition “Artefactos do Mundo Rural”, courtesy of Clara Assunção.

Then, at 18 pm, there will be an honored port with Vinhos do Algarve and the “Mediterranean Enogastronomic Demonstration”, by the Hotel and Tourism School of Vila Real de Santo António.

This night's musical entertainment starts with the “+ 2” dance group at 19:30 pm, followed by the “Gandabanda” show at 22:00 pm. The first day of Terra de Maio ends with DJ Gustavo Vera, at 00:00.

On Saturday, the 27th, the morning is dedicated to the seminar “Opportunidades da Serra ao Mar”, with the participation of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture, the Sotavento Coastal Action Group, Associação Terras do Baixo Guadiana and Associação Odiana.

The seminar is divided into three panels: “Agricultural Exploration and Safety at Work”, “Synergies in the Agrifood Sector” and “Incentive Systems for Entrepreneurship and Employment, for the Mountains and the Sea”. Here, a first-hand diagnosis of the agri-food sector in Baixo Guadiana and its impact on Tourism will be presented, a project financed by Algarve 2020 and promoted by the Odiana association.

And then, at 15:00 pm… the workshops, where you can learn how to make artisanal cheese or the art of milking (subject to prior registration at the site).

Simultaneously take place the “Ateliê do Burro” and riding (learning). After 16 pm, presentations and tastings of “Chocofigo” and “Vinhos Regional do Algarve” take place on the Wine Route.

In the late afternoon, at 18 pm, the “Ateliê do Pão” and the recreation of the “Vila de Amêijoas” will take place by Cooperativa Formosa. Simultaneously, the second edition of the “Biggest Goat Cheese of the Algarve Breed” and the equestrian demonstrations by the Club “Amigos do Cavalo” will take place.

This is followed, at 18:30 pm, the fashion show “Bioco Tradition”, Spring 2017 collection, by Lurdes Silva, who recreated with design this product of the Algarve's history and identity and which achieves national notoriety.

At 19:30 pm, visitors will be able to enjoy the performance of the Rancho Folclórico do Azinhal. At dinner time, at 20:30 pm, it is the “Duo Reflexo” that animates the event, right up to the big show by Herman José.

For motorbike lovers, the last day of Terra de Maio, Sunday (28), starts at 8:30 am with the 2nd Motorbike Meeting, with a meeting scheduled in the village's café square, organized by the Associação Recreativa e Cultural do Azinhal. In the same morning, there is a walk organized by the Universidade do Tempo Livre, departing from Centro Multiusos.

As for the prizes of the 21st National Competition of the Algarvian Goat Race, they take place at 13:00.

The afternoon opens, at 15:30 pm, with new sessions of the workshops artisan cheese and the art of milking, an innovation in this edition of the fair, and with other playful and educational activities aimed at children.

At 16:30 pm there will be “Laboratório de Gostos”, with regional products, and the performance of the Sevillian group “Spanish Ballet Garcia Diaz”. And, at 18:00h, the time will be for the presentation and tasting of the Craft Beer of Carob, by the Moorish Brewers.

On stage, on the last night and closing the 10th edition of Terra de Maio, the Banda Musical Castromarinense (19:15 pm) and the group “D'Empreitada” (20:00 pm).

The organization of showcookings is integrated within the scope of the project "Choose Our Food”, of the Odiana Association, whose objectives are to maximize the potential of natural resources and regional products of Baixo Guadiana through the reinforcement of business cooperation between the agro-food and tourism sectors, with a view to raising awareness of critical factors of competitiveness, approved in the System Support for Collective Actions – Qualification – Low Density, financed by CRESC ALGARVE 2020, through FEDER.

“A Terra de Maio” is an organization of the Castro Marim City Council and Azinhal Parish Council and has the collaboration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning, Turismo de Portugal, Vila Real Hotel and Tourism School de Santo António, National Association of Breeding Goats in the Algarve (ANCCRAL), Casa do Povo do Azinhal, Recreational and Cultural Association of Azinhal, Eurocidade do Guadiana, brand, Gran-Plaza Tavira and Associação Odiana, integrated in the program Blue Flag.

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