Banda Serushiô presents new album and themes still in production at a concert in Loulé

The Portuguese band Serushiô will be at the Bafo de Baco bar, in Loulé, this Saturday, at 23:30, to give […]

Photo by Alberto Almeida

The Portuguese band Serushiô will be at the Bafo de Baco bar, in Loulé, this Saturday, at 23:30, to present their new album Groove Lee, in a concert where they promise to premiere songs that are still being prepared.

Anyone who goes to the Loulé concert will hear not only songs from the new album, but songs from previous albums and will even have a glimpse of what the next album will be, as the band says they don't want to hide the new material they've been preparing. "This is a continuous process, you can't just look at album by album, sometimes we might want to hide a little more, it's just going on making the music and sharing it with everyone," he revealed to Musicália/Sul Informação Sérgio Silva, the group's vocalist.

This blues band, initially based in Porto, is currently divided between the northern city, where Sérgio Silva lives, and Lisbon, where guitarist and drummer Zé Vieira moved, but has always found a place in the south to promote his music. . «It is a pleasure to return to Bafo de Baco, a mythical place that has supported us a lot. Launching a new work and not presenting it in Loulé doesn't make sense», confides the musician.

Groove Lee's songs were composed with «one on drums and guitar, playing everything at the same time and the other helping with the voice and something else», which makes it possible to play them in that format. But the duo prefers to share them with a full stage. The concert at Bafo do Baco will be a two in one, with the first half in duo, with the oldest songs and, in the second part, with a drummer on stage, to make known the new themes and, «for the first time , we present themes that are still being composed».



The presentation of both the EP “Life On Extended Play (2013) and the debut album “I'm Not Lost … Just Don't Want To Be Found” happened all over the country and the various national tours make the band feel at home anywhere, so the same will happen with the new “Groove Lee”.

The tours of the last work also took us to Spain and France through Outonalidades, in addition to having been, in 2014, one of the bands chosen to represent Portugal in the 32nd edition of the Canadian Music Week.

The duo's musical roots are the blues, but, as Sérgio says, “a Portuguese blues” with which they take Portuguese culture across borders. According to the musician, for many years only a small part of what the blues is was disclosed, in a very specific style, in the guitar genre. But, he highlighted, «we have to think that its origin is not that, it is pre-song, 1950, pre-Elvis… The blues is a song of sentimental expression, like our fado. And maybe that's where he joins our Portuguese side. Maybe fado and blues are the same thing in different countries», considered Sérgio Silva.

The fact that he has lived abroad for many years and assimilated the influences of many Anglo-Saxon bands, led him to sing in English, but he considers that the blues he sings is a «song-expression of the soul, in that aspect very similar to fado».

After having put the “hands on” of the last work, Zé Nando Pimenta, founder of Meiofumado publishing house, was invited to co-produce Groove Lee, but this time he had time to bring guests. Fred Ferreira (Orelha Negra, Banda do Mar…) contributed on drums, Diogo Riberio (Francis Dale) «who was in the studio» “made” some keyboards, Ricardo Riquiet was production assistant, sang, played and continues to accompany the band and Mariana Norton, who was also recording in the northern studios, gave “a little voice”.

«The great conductor of all this was Zé Nando. We are very fortunate to meet people who help us and share our energy, we are very pleased with this album, not only for the people who joined, for the final project, for continuing to work with these people and for being, perhaps, preparing a project that will involve these people again», highlighted Sérgio Silva.