Som Riscado brings together local artists and national musicians in Loulé

The 2nd edition of the Som Riscado festival will take to the city of Loulé, between this Wednesday and Sunday, the 8th of […]

The 2nd edition of the Som Riscado festival will take to the city of Loulé, between this Wednesday and Sunday, April 8th, concerts, performances, installations, training and activities for children/youths and families.

The festival seeks to make a contemporary reinterpretation, through sound-word-image, of the universe of traditional trades (including those linked to Loulé's reality), in an extension of what is already practical in the city's cultural policy.

«It is in line with what we do at Cine-teatro and the Longe é Aqui initiative, involving a band with a national character and an artist with a regional scope. The scratched sound is a bit provocative. It intends to give chances to local artists, bringing in bands and names from abroad. so that both can enjoy prominence, especially the Algarve» says Rita Moreira, head of the Culture Division of the Loulé City Council, to the Musical | Sul Informação.

Musically, DJ Ride, The Happy Mess, Orblua with Tiago Pereira, Noiserv with Luís da Cruz and the duo Filipe Raposo and António Jorge Gonçalves, with Escola Secundária de Loulé, will be present.

The Lisbon band Happy Mess, performs on April 8th, at Cineteatro Louletano and, with a recently released single, Loulé will be one of the first cities to meet him live.

«For Som Riscado, we are going to present the single that will debut, on the 7th, at Musicbox and then, on the 8th, in Loulé. In addition to this new song, we are predicting that there may be one or another advance on the album we are already creating, but there will also be the presentation of the previous album», advances vocalist and keyboardist Joana Duarte.

The band will take the opportunity to give a new look to some songs, trying to update some of the themes that already mark the path of Happy Mess.

Also on Saturday, April 8th, but at 15 pm, there will be a concert that brings together the music of the Algarveans Orblua and the images of the director Tiago Pereira, in an event announced as a single edition.

Carlos Norton

“It is a show about hands, professions, artisans, ancient traditions of manual work, it is very incisive in this area. In the musical component, not only did we take advantage of some of the songs we already had, but we also did a great job of composition to present themes that speak of some of the emblematic professions of the Algarve's identity» explains Carlos Norton, musician from Orblua.

To this musical component, join the images collected by Tiago Pereira, in his Portuguese Music to Like Her Own, projected in VJ format, in an illustration of the hands that, even today, give life to Portuguese traditions.

On the last day, Sunday, Noiserv takes the stage to interpret a “soundtrack” for images by the Algarve photographer Luís da Cruz, in a project that is still looking for ways to implement it.

Louletano cinema-theatre

The mentor of the Noiserv project reveals to Musicália | Sul Informação that «it will not be a mere sequence of photography after photography. There will be a game of light that will play with me and with the images. Unlike a normal concert of mine, where there is a recording of music and, in the middle, I'm talking, there will be a block of songs in a row in which there is a set of visual images supporting the sound».

The themes presented will be those from the musician's repertoire, but care was taken to choose them so that they fit the concept of the “partnership” between sound and image. These challenging proposals please David Santos, not least because it is not always possible to insert them in the middle of the tours, where the alignment of the songs is pre-defined.

“When you accept different projects, you put yourself as a spectator at your concert and, in this case, I'm listening and choosing the order of the songs so that it makes sense to people. Not only for the music, but for the combination that will exist between photography and sound. In my case, who work alone, I consider it important to work with other people, to know what they think and what my songs say to others», confesses David Santos.

The program also includes workshops with DJ Ride and one with Sound Microscopy, with the Porto association Soncopia, and has an inclusive component with a concert-dance for the deaf.

As a festival aimed at children, young people and families, many of the activities take place in schools, with partnerships being established with ETIC, Escola Secundária de Loulé and the University of Algarve, «where for three days there was training, which began before of the festival, but that will bear fruit during the festival. Pedagogy is to bring new guidelines for art, bringing performative and visual proposals, creating conversations and dialogues between music and image», concludes Rita Moreira from Loulé City Council.

The complete program of the Som Riscado Festival can be consulted here ou na Cine-Teatro Facebook page.

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