Castro Marim: José Estevens is no longer a PSD militant to resume his "freedom"

José Estevens is no longer a member of the Social Democratic Party. The former mayor of Castro Marim for the Social Democrats and even, […]

José Estevens is no longer a member of the Social Democratic Party. The former mayor of Castro Marim for the social democrats and until today, March 2, president of this party council, announced the return of his social democrat militant card in an open letter addressed to the president of the PSD Pedro Passos Coelho .

The decision comes after the National Political Commission of the PSD to have confirmed that the president of the Chamber Francisco Amaral would be the PSD's re-candidate to the Castromarinense Chamber, to the detriment of José Estevens himself, the name indicated by the PSD of Castro Marim, there is a lot of “war” with the current mayor.

«(…) I return to Your Excellency. my card as a PSD militant, thus reassuming my freedom, a value that I consider first among the first», writes the former mayor of Castromarinense, at the conclusion of a missive in which he accuses the leader of the Social Democrats of having made a «clean board of the party statutes' in the process of choosing the party's candidate in Castro Marim.

At issue is the statement made by Passos Coelho, in a meeting with the regional press – in the words of Estevens, a press conference «artfully prepared –, in which the South Informationthe was present, that there was no reason why the current mayor of Castro Marim, the social democrat Francisco Amaral, “wanting to”, was not the party's candidate in that council..

A statement that was not welcomed by the council of the party and its president, who had long since withdrawn political trust from the current mayor. This structure ended up by propose the name of José Estevens as candidate, choice rejected by District Policy Committee of the PSD and later, by the party top.

In the letter, José Estevens criticizes Passos Coelho, but mainly Francisco Amaral, who has now deserved the party's preference, at regional and national level. He states, for example, that the profile of the mayor of Castro Marim "is light years away from the outline in the strategic guideline enunciated by the party [for the Municipalities 2017]" and that the current mayor demonstrated, "too much, its inability to execute the policies conducive to achieving the objectives listed for the PSD governance territories».

In the letter, some are also mentioned. arguments that led to the withdrawal of political confidence in the mayor by the PSD/Castro Marim, who alleges that the current mayor has cut with local PSD militants and sought "support in other fields".

Francisco Amaral, at the time, did not showed concern about the withdrawal of support from the council, as he believed he would have the support of the party at the district and national level, which ended up being confirmed.