Castro Marim's PSD appoints José Estevens as candidate for the Chamber and maintains “war” in the party

José Estevens was nominated as a candidate for the Castro Marim City Council by the local PSD. This decision, which was approved […]

José Estevens was nominated as a candidate for the Castro Marim City Council by the local PSD.

This decision, which was unanimously approved within the council, maintains the “war” within the party, since Francisco Amaral, current president, elected by the Social Democrats, already announced that you want to re-apply to the position and this intention was supported by both the president of the Pedro Passos Coelho party and the PSD District.

In a statement, Castro Marim's PSD reveals that the decision to nominate José Estevens, who was the mayor of Castro Marim, between 1998 and 2013, is linked to the fact that this «is the only candidate capable of giving back hope , credibility and seriousness to municipal life that were wasted in the last three years, by the municipal administration of the militant Francisco Amaral, and thus to prevent the Socialist Party's return to municipal power in Castro Marim, twenty years later».

The Castromarinense Social Democrats also send a document explaining the reasons why they do not support Francisco Amaral's re-candidacy for the Chamber.

For the PSD of Castro Marim, «the three years of the municipal mandate of Francisco Amaral, a PSD militant, at the head of the destinies of the municipality of Castro Marim, as president of the city council, translated, in our opinion, into disillusionment and a deceit complete for the Castro community. Francisco Amaral's misunderstandings and lack of political solidarity with the PSD/Castro Marim were soon manifested, right at the inauguration ceremony, when the mayor/doctor openly criticized the municipal legacy of his predecessor, the activist José Estevens, who chaired the municipality between 1998/2013».

In the document, the social democrats say that Amaral "transformed Castro Marim into a welfare council, anemic with a loss of competitiveness compared to other councils in the country and without prospects for growth and sustainable development".

On the partisan side, Francisco Amaral is accused of having maintained a “shameless conduct towards the PSD/Castro Marim, which gave him the possibility of occupying the chair of mayor today, exonerating influential PSD leaders, who he lightly accused of incompetent while interfering in the internal life of the party, having conditioned the electoral results of the council, in the last two elections».

Ao Sul Informação, Francisco Amaral, in October, took over the dismissal of Vítor Madeira, vice president of the PSD/Castro Marim. “He was my deputy and I fired him because he was incompetent. Perhaps he thought that, as I was the vice president of the PSD, I had to keep him here, but, as he was incompetent, I dismissed him”, assured the mayor from Castro.

The mayor is also criticized for having nominated “in November 2015 the president of the Altura Parish Council, elected on the Socialist Party lists, as deputy to her cabinet, guaranteeing her the majority of votes in the Municipal Assembly than the Castromarinenses they had refused at the ballot boxes».

The PSD council of Castro Marim believes that Amaral does not comply, therefore, with «the principles laid down in the Proposal for Regional Municipal Strategy – Autárquicas 2017, approved by the National Political Commission, the National Council and the District Assembly of the PSD/Algarve».

when was it known the withdrawal of political confidence from the PSD from Castro Marim to Francisco Amaral, the mayor commented that “the former mayor and current president of the council wants to be the candidate again. By the way, for more than a year and a half the council's vice president has shamelessly attacked me for the Municipal Assembly. Therefore, I expected such a position. It doesn't change my intention to re-apply at all».

The decision on the candidate who will even run for the Chamber of Castro Marim, is now in the hands of the National Political Committee of the Party, and Passos Coelho has already said that «there is no reason why Francisco Amaral, willingly, should not be the our candidate in Castro Marim».

David Santos, contacted earlier this week by Sul Informação, he said that "during the month of February" the case of Castro Marim should be resolved.