Passos Coelho will support Francisco Amaral in his re-candidacy for Castro Marim

He is not yet the official candidate, as the internal process of choosing the head-lists for the country's Chambers in the […]

He is not the official candidate yet, as the internal process for choosing the head-of-list for the country's Chambers in this year's Local Elections will only be completed in March, but PSD president Pedro Passos Coelho has made it clear that he will support Francisco Amaral in his announced re-candidacy to the Chamber of Castro Marim.

The withdrawal of political trust by the Social-Democratic Council Political Commission to the current Castro-Marinean aedile is not seen by the national leader of the party, nor by the president of the PSD Algarve, as an obstacle to the re-candidacy of the dean of Portuguese mayors, if at all your will, intention that the mayor of Castro Marim has already confirmed to the Sul Informação long ago.

"There is no reason why Francisco Amaral, if he wants to, should not be our candidate in Castro Marim," said Pedro Passsos Coelho, who praised the current Castro-Marinean mayor, who was, for decades, president of the Alcoutim Chamber, for his “exemplary career and posture” as a mayor, always in the colors of the PSD.

The Municipal Elections were one of the themes addressed by Pedro Passos Coelho in a meeting he held, this Saturday, with regional press organs of the Algarve, in Albufeira.

The president of the PSD did not want to commit to a number, when asked about how many Chambers he hopes to win in the region, saying only that the objective "is to conserve what we have and expand those results".

“We have a moderately optimistic view. Nobody expects the result of the Municipalities to change the political face of the region,” he added.

So far, the re-applications by Rogério Bacalhau, in Faro, and Rui André, in Monchique. In São Brás de Alportel, the social-democrat candidate to try to “steal” the Chamber from the PS, the young Bruno Costa is also known.. In Vila Real de Santo António, the PSD «is looking for a candidate to continue the work of Luís Gomes, who cannot run», with the current vice-president Conceição Cabrita being the person best placed to advance.

In other cases, the regional and national leaderships of the party are still waiting for proposals from the municipalities, which may or may not be validated. In Castro Marim, taking into account the open war between the council and Francisco Amaral, it will hardly be the local structure of the party to propose the name of the current mayor, so everything indicates that it will be a decision taken at a higher level.