Mar Algarve/Feira do Mar'17 scheduled for March at Portimão Arena

The Blue Economy is once again highlighted in the edition of Mar Algarve/Feira do Mar'17, which will take place in Portimão […]

The Blue Economy will once again be highlighted in the edition of Mar Algarve/Feira do Mar'17, which will take place at Portimão Arena, between the 23rd and 25th of March.

This event aims to promote all the potential linked to the sea and maritime activities in the economic, cultural, educational, sports and leisure components, and contacts are now underway with potential companies and those interested in participating in this event, both in terms of products and services , as well as in terms of infrastructure.

Conferences, exhibition and marketing of various products and services, recreational nautical and boat sales, gastronomy and entertainment are some of the themes that promise to encourage the visit of professionals and the general public to this event, which will be based on exhibition, educational, gastronomic and business.

In terms of exposure, it is intended that companies from various subsectors directly and indirectly linked to the sea cluster, namely linked to the areas of aquaculture, nautical equipment and components, fishing, sport fishing, canning industry, marinas, diving, shipyards, shipbuilding, salt and maritime tourism, canning industry, nurseries, among others.

The organization also intends the presence of public entities with institutional and regulatory responsibilities, in the areas of commercial and recreational ports, tourism and the sea, as well as research centers, municipalities, clubs and associations.

The educational aspect will include the visit of various school groups and professional courses to the event, in order to awaken the youth to the possibilities for the future that the sea can offer.

This aspect will also encourage the active participation of schools in its organization and animation, through the special participation of courses on organization of events, music, theater, photography and sound.

On the gastronomic side, a restaurant and street food they will highlight delicacies from the sea and linked to the Mediterranean diet, with specific actions to promote certain fishery resources being planned.

The Mar Algarve/Feira do Mar'17 also aims to provide professionals from the various sub-sectors linked to the sea cluster the opportunity to meet, debate common problems, develop businesses and jointly define future strategies, and provide its agents with an opportunity to interact. promote and market their products, attracting new audiences. This business aspect will feature the presentation of various investment financing programs.

Within the framework of Mar Algarve/Feira do Mar'17, the 1st Congress of Maritime-Tourism will also take place, in which matters of interest to this activity, which has had a significant growth in the Algarve, will be discussed.

Ideal place for business meetings and for companies to present themselves to the market, fostering the creation of new bonds and partnerships between companies in the sector and providing a source of research for new products and services, those interested in attending or joining this event they may contact the organization by email or by phone 282 470 874.

The first edition of the event, which also took place in Portimão, in 2014, had 70 exhibitors and a turnout of over 5 visitors.

Mar Algarve/Feira do Mar'17 is a co-organization between the Municipality of Portimão and Maralgarve – Association for the Promotion of Knowledge and the Economy of the Sea in the Algarve.

For now, with the institutional support of the Ministry of the Sea, the partners Forum Oceano – Association of the Economy of the Sea and ACRAL – Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve Region, the sponsorship of Docapesca – Portos e Lotas, of APS – Administration from the Ports of Sines and Algarve and from the HPA Saúde Group, support from the University of Algarve and the Portimão School of Hotel and Tourism – Turismo de Portugal.