Jeremy Clarkson's new series with an episode filmed in the Algarve starts on November 18th

"The Grand Tour" is the name of the new series of television programs about the automotive world, conducted by the former trio of […]

Jeremy Clarkson at AIA«The Grand Tour» is the name of the new series of television shows about the automotive world, conducted by the ex-Top Gear trio (Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond) who, this time on the platform of streaming «Amazon Prime», makes the 12 episodes of the first season available on November 18th. 

Filming of the new show by truculent presenter Jeremy Clarkson began in the Algarve, for three intense days in October of last year, like the Sul Informação then reported. Surrounded by a lot of secrecy, the filming took place at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve and on the winding roads of the Serra de Monchique, and were based on a comparative test between three vehicles: a Porsche Spyder 918, a McLaren P1 and a Ferrari LaFerrari.

This was the first time that these top brands accepted to make a comparison between those that are considered the best cars in the world, in a track that everyone accepted, and the choice fell on the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve.

Despite the secrecy surrounding the filming, the trio of presenters shared some photos on social media of their passage through Algarve lands.

For Paulo Pinheiro, director of the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, the media exposure guaranteed by Jeremy Clarkson's new program has a «reach that is difficult to calculate». But it will undoubtedly be a very important moment both for the Portimão circuit and for the entire Algarve region.


jeremy clarkson in monchique
Filming of the new program on the roads of Monchique


Taking into account that the trio's previous program attracted millions of fans around the world, the debut of this new «The Grand Tour», not on a “normal” television channel, but on the Amazon Prime channel, is being surrounded by great expectations.

The first scene of "The Grand Tour" will be the most expensive ever on British TV, with a budget of 2,8 million euros, reveals the UK press. Filmed in the Californian desert in the “Mad Max style”, it involves 150 vehicles, 2000 automobile enthusiasts, acrobatics, animators walking on stilts and six supersonic jets.

It will be the return, in a big way, of the presenter Jeremy Clarkson, who was fired from the BBC for bad behavior, in March of last year, after having attacked a producer (and following a series of controversies), despite his «Top Gear » be one of the most watched programs on that British channel, dragging behind it a crowd of millions of fans around the world, including in Portugal. On Twitter alone, Clarkson has 5,6 million followers.