Former Top Gear presenter is at the Autódromo do Algarve shooting a brand new television program

Jeremy Clarkson, the former and controversial presenter of the "Top Gear" program, is at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in Portimão, to […]

Jeremy Clarkson at AIAJeremy Clarkson, the former and controversial presenter of the program «Top Gear», is at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in Portimão, to film for his new show about automobiles, which will debut in January on the online channel «Amazon Prime Video».

O Sul informação he knows that the truculent presenter has a very strict confidentiality agreement, but that didn't stop him from sharing on his Twitter account a photo of him and co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May appearing on his Twitter account yesterday. paddock of the Algarve circuit, against three real pumps: a Ferrari LaFerrari, a McLaren P1 and a Porsche 918 Spider.

In this first peek that 55-year-old Jeremy Clarkson has given his millions of fans around the world, the presenter doesn't actually reveal where he is. But, those who know the track, immediately see that it is the Autodromo do Algarve, where, curiously, the world presentation of the new McLaren 570F is also taking place these days.

As for this brand new Jerry Clarkson show, which opens in January on Amazon Prime and has not yet officially named, but should be called «Gear Knobs», the first episode, it seems, will feature the first comparison all-time among those considered the best cars in the world, the Ferrari LaFerrari, the McLaren P1 and a Porsche 918 Spider. It is the first time that these top brands have agreed to make a comparison, on a track that everyone would accept and the choice fell on the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve.

The January premiere of Jeremy Clarkson's new show, which results from a "very, very expensive" contract signed with Amazon Prime, is said to be the most watched television show ever. Is that the presenter, who was fired from the BBC for bad behavior in March this year, after having attacked a producer (and following a series of controversies), despite his Top Gear being one of the most watched programs on that British channel, it drags behind it a crowd of millions of fans all over the world, including in Portugal. On Twitter alone, Clarkson has 5,6 million followers.

In the photo he shared on Twitter, without a location, Clarkson says only: "With a minimal crew, the filming of the new Amazon Prime motorsport program began". Your tweet has had 10.906 retweets and 21.601 likes. Behind Clarkson and co-hosts Hammond and May are the three pumps, as well as the program team, two trucks and the crane used for filming. Clarkson already yesterday morning had published another photo, also without identifying the location, of the sunrise. Anyone who knows, knows that this is the Algarve. It said: «Dawn. On a very special day».

Also co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May posted photos of the recordings (without location identification) on their Twitter accounts.

In the case of Hammond, the photograph was exactly the same one shared by Clarkson, but with the following comment: "the gang is back together and the feeling is brilliant".

James May posted a photo of the Ferrari LaFerrari with the following comment: «Magnificent first day on the job. I can't stop looking».

Recordings for Jeremy Clarkson's brand new show go on as long as the Sul Informação he found out, for another three days. And they are not limited to the Autodromo, as there is also filming on the roads of the Serra de Monchique.

When the program opens in January, all the millions of worldwide fans of the controversial presenter will get to know the conditions of the Autodromo and the Algarve, in a media exhibition whose reach is difficult to calculate.