Government invests 10 million euros in the modernization of Salva Vidas stations along the coast

The Government will invest "10 million euros, in five years, in the re-equipment and modernization of the Salva Vidas Stations" in […]

Tribute crew saves lives Ferragudo_12The Government will invest «10 million euros, in five years, in the re-equipment and modernization of the Salva Vidas Stations» throughout the Portuguese coast, the secretary of State for National Defense announced yesterday, in Ferragudo.

The announcement was made during a tribute to the crew of Ferragudo's lifeguard, which began with the imposition of the Cruz Naval military medal on boss José Lopes Jeremias.

There, next to the building of the Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos, in the riverside area of ​​Ferragudo, a monument to the crews of the lifeguard was inaugurated, consisting of an anchor. As the mayor of Lagoa would say, this was “a small tribute to those who risk their lives to save ours”.

"Thank you very much for your professionalism, pride and courage," said President Francisco Martins, addressing the crew of the Ferragudo lifeguard, with emphasis on his sota boss José Jeremias.


Tribute crew saves lives Ferragudo_01

Secretary of State Marcos Perestrello, for his part, stressed that this is "perhaps the most visible, noblest and most important of the missions" of the Navy, "the safeguarding of human life at sea."

Culminating an intense day of work with visits to Mértola, Vila Real de Santo António and Olhão, the Secretary of State for National Defense highlighted the efforts that the Government has been making to provide better working conditions for these men, namely by increasing the number life-saving stations, creating a new professional statute and making an extensive investment plan, already mentioned.

Sota boss Jeremias is a son of Ferragudo who escaped a fisherman's life to join the Navy. Born in May 1964, and currently 52 years old, this was already his second medal. But as I told the Sul Informação, maintains the “same spirit and the same will” to fulfill its mission, at the service of those who walk at sea.

Working at the Salva Vidas Station in Ferragudo since 1997, there are many stories he could tell about the rescues he made, together with his companions. «Ui… I have many, many stories, with children, with adults. But it's not worth talking about it too much», he concluded, with the humility typical of those who think they are just fulfilling their mission.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues|Sul Informação