UAlg researchers studying surfing in Aljezur want collaboration from schools and economic agents

The study on the sustainability of the practice of surf tourism in the municipality of Aljezur, which is being directed […]

surf in ArrifanaThe study on the sustainability of the practice of surf tourism in the municipality of Aljezur, which is being led by a team of researchers from the Superior School of Management, Hospitality and Tourism of the University of Algarve, as part of a partnership established between the municipality and that public entity, is already advancing in the field.

That is how, on the 20th of May, a session will take place in Aljezur aimed at public and institutional entities and at the Surf Schools operating in the municipality.

Taking into account the «importance that this study represents for the Municipality of Aljezur and for the advancement of research on tourism in a region with unique opportunities for taking advantage of the great tourism potential of Surf», the municipality appeals to «the interest and involvement of the stakeholders in this area, thanking everyone for their availability for the best success of this study».

The session will take place on Friday, in the multipurpose room of the Sports Pavilion (Complexo Desportivo de Aljezur) and will be divided into two meetings: from 14 pm to 15 pm for public and official entities, from 15 pm to 16 pm for the Surf Schools.

Conducting a study on the potential and sustainability of tourism related to surfing in the county was requested by the president of the Chamber José Amarelinho to the dean of UAlg, when he visited Aljezur, in May 2014.

"Surf has asserted itself, it is a very strong reality in the economy of Aljezur, but there are threats, there are problems, there are opportunities that are not properly studied and evaluated", said the mayor José Amarelinho, at a stop by the rectory committee next to the beach of Odeceixe.

The mayor of Aljezur explained that a «deep study» on surfing and everything that revolves around it will serve to «understand this important market», but, above all, «so that we can be more assertive in our surfing strategy».

The study now underway, under the responsibility of a team of researchers from UAlg's ESGHT, will allow establishing the terms of reference for identifying the surf tourism product in the Municipality, as well as characterizing the tourist profile and the matrix of companies operating in chain in the sector, which position and enhance the value of surfing in Aljezur, organizing the responses of local authorities and others, in the field of regulation and close cooperation between all agents.

It will also lead to the construction of sustainable management instruments, which allow the monitoring, monitoring and control of the surf tourism product in the Municipality, and also to propose a strategic model, composed of a set of guidelines, strategic, generic and specific guidelines, which will be part of of the final study to be publicly presented.

The municipality emphasizes that this work "will allow an efficient characterization of Surf in our Municipality, as an orderly, competitive and sustainable tourist product".