Very positive expectations for the Algarve's participation in the world's largest nautical fair

Portugal and the Algarve will present themselves this year at Boot, the largest nautical fair in the world, which is taking place in […]

Boot_vila do Bispo_municipio_06Portugal and the Algarve present themselves this year at Boot, the largest nautical fair in the world, which is taking place in Düsseldorf, Germany, largely under the hat of the brand «Sea of ​​Portugal». Not all Portuguese exhibitors are included, but the brand integrates most of them.

Hans Walter, Messe Dusseldorf representative, asked by Sul Informação on how he saw Portugal's participation in the event, he said that «the boat represents a very important starting point for us to be able to attract more companies and entities, as there is an image and a concept “Sea of ​​Portugal”, which can create synergies and facilitate new adhesions of companies and entities».

Recruiting participants in Portugal was complicated, as the recreational nautical sector has not provided data so that Tourism or the Government knows of its real economic importance, and the sector is not supported with objective data or studies.

João Reis, responsible for the company Media 4U, which is dedicated to the edition and organization of events and which holds the registration of the “Sea of ​​Portugal” brand, told the report by Sul Informação to be “confident in the future, because the hardest thing is done, which is an image that identifies our Sea”.

«Promoting this image that represents a Portuguese identity and quality of professional and recreational boating is a task that is now easier», added João Reis, who identified this time as a «zero moment, from which we can gain scale with the adhesion of more companies and entities around this idea».

There are, however, exhibitors from Portugal who present themselves at the boat independently and out of the hat the “Sea of ​​Portugal”, namely the archipelagos of the Azores, Madeira and some companies from the continent.

The image and presence of the Algarve, on the other hand, is clearly highlighted in Hall 3. The Municipality of Vila do Bispo actively promotes the different companies that have joined, such as Divers Cape, Mar Ilimitado, Pura Life, SeaXplorer or Cape Cruiser.

How much does it cost to be represented in the Düsseldorf boot?
For a space of 9 m2:
Space rental at the fair + promotion + taxes = 1950 €
Stand “Sea of ​​Portugal” + image promotion = 2600 €
…in addition to travel, accommodation and accommodation costs to ensure the 9 days of the fair.

At the Vila do Bispo stand, which is very well located and clearly identifies its territorial space, there is a spirit of complementarity, contributing to the success of this, which is the municipality's first presentation at the important nautical fair.

Throughout history, and nowadays, Sagres has always assumed itself as one of the most important “corners” in the Western World, the great cape where the Mediterranean ends and the Atlantic begins, where land merges with sea and sky.

In this perspective, in 2015, the Municipality of Vila do Bispo worked with a number of companies based in Sa.gres and dedicated to maritime-tourism activities, in order to bring together a representation of the region in this important international event.

Boot_Vila do Bispo and portimao_03

Thus, materializing a strategic option for the dissemination of differentiating aspects of our territory, particularly its endogenous resources, which enhance sustainable tourism exploitation, the Vila do Bispo municipality is now in Dusseldorf, with a real embassy, ​​which intends to share the best of the country. your region.

In the same Hall 3 and adjacent to the Vila do Bispo space, there is also the Portimão Tourism Association stand, where the nautical potential of this municipality is promoted, as well as the initiatives of the company Sub Nauta and the Ocean project Revival

In Hall 13, the Algarve is also referenced, once again for the promotion of the Municipality of Portimão, its Marina and the charter company Portiate, also located in an area of ​​good visibility, as well as the somewhat discreet presence of the Marina de Lagos.

logo_bootContacted by our newspaper at boat, in Düsseldorf, the Algarve's exhibiting companies assessed “very positively” the participation and demand of the public in the first weekend of the fair.

However, this first weekend of the boat, the three big entrances to the fair were always crowded with people waiting for 10 am, time for its opening – waiting to enter so they can add color to their imagination and their desires.

The great fair has begun! And with it also the expectations for those who show their products here, entities, companies and organizations, who invest time, budget and energy, to be able to “touch” the interests of those who have just joined. A communication game that will now find its way.


Photos by Yannick Kethers|GEO and Vila do Bispo Municipality: