Pinheiro e Rosa Group promotes Citizenship Week

The Pinheiro and Rosa School Grouping, from Faro, will promote a Citizenship Week, which aims to show the work […]

Pinheiro and Rosa SchoolThe Pinheiro and Rosa School Grouping, from Faro, will promote a Citizenship Week, which aims to show the work that has already been done in this area, and further encourage civic participation in the school community. The initiative was launched last Friday and will run until the 15th of January.

On the 8th, the electoral campaign for the Youth Parliament was launched, a process that will end next Friday. A tribute to the Group's employees was also promoted.

Over the course of the week that has just begun, various initiatives will be promoted, including the construction of a mural, a debate with PSD deputy José Carlos Barros, exhibitions and debates (see full program below).

One of the highlights of the week will be the launch of the international project “Network of democratic citizenship schools”, scheduled for 14:30 pm on 15 January. This project “intends to create a European reference scale that measures the degree of participation of the different members of the community in the School's management and that proposes actions to be developed so that this participation is increasingly effective”.

“Modern societies demand more enlightened, more critical and more involved citizens, but nobody is born taught. It is (also) at school that one learns to contribute to the construction of the world in which we want to live», framed the Pinheiro e Rosa School Group.


Complete Citizenship Week Program:

Monday 2th of January
Beginning of the construction of the Mural “How can our school have more participation” – The contributions of the school community will be used in the project “Network of democratic citizenship school”

Monday 3th of January
11:35 am – International Mobility for Youth (org. ECOS)

14:30 pm – Debate with Deputy José Carlos Barros (org Youth Parliament)

Monday 4th of January
Opening of the exhibition “Citizenship Projects at AEPROSA”

Monday 5th of January
9:30 am – “Violence in a School context” (PES/APAV organization)

12:25 – Portugal is not Greece! (a portrait of Greece in AD 5 – after the Troika)
Vision of Greek society was organized after the intervention of the troika. The community networks that have been created, the difficulties experienced by “normal people”, the challenges they face and the open wounds….what you don't see on TV news…

Monday 6th of January
10 am to 14 pm – Election of deputies to the Youth Parliament

14:30 pm Presentation of the project “Network of Democratic Citizenship Schools”
Voting results in the Youth Parliament