Missing a bus that left the Algarve towards Lisbon makes three deaths

A Renex bus that left Lagos, stopping in Vale Paraíso, headed for Lisbon caused […]

accident a2A Renex bus that left Lagos, stopping in Vale Paraíso, headed for Lisbon, caused three deaths and 17 injuries this afternoon, nine of them serious. The accident occurred at 18:35 pm on the A2, near the Almodôvar service station.

According to Correio da Manhã, the vehicle left Lagos at 17:45 pm and should have arrived in Lisbon at 22:00 pm and according to a Renex source quoted by the same newspaper, "there should be about 30 passengers on the trip", after having departed from Vale Paraíso, where it receives passengers from the lee of the Algarve, heading towards Lisbon.

Those injured in the accident, according to that newspaper, were transported to hospitals in Faro and Beja and for basic emergency services in Castro Verde and Albufeira.

Due to the accident, the A2 was cut in both directions.

Civil Protection reports on its portal that all victims were removed from the accident site at 21 pm. In the relief operations there were 00 firefighters and an INEM helicopter.

Correio da Manhã said that the bus belonged to the Barraqueiro group and that it was in the service of Renex, of which it is a member, according to what can be read on the company's website.

This is the second accident of a vehicle of this group in the space of three days, after a bus in the service of Frota Azul. got lost on wednesday in Albufeira, causing four casualties.