Former “backyard” of the Primary Teaching becomes a cultural space during the summer

The yard of the former Primary Magisterium, in Faro, will become the Q Cultural Space during the summer. Seven associations from […]

DSC_0822The yard of the former Primary Magisterium, in Faro, will become the Q Cultural Space during the summer. Seven associations in the city will take over the management of the equipment and will promote, until mid-September, activities as varied as concerts, workshops, exhibitions, or film screenings. The “door opening” is scheduled for the first weekend of July.

The seven communities involved in the management of the Q Espaço Cultural are the Cineclube de Faro, Arquente, the Southern Designers Association, Policromia, Sociedade Recreativa Artística Farense, Amarelarte and Tertúlia Algarvia, who «decided to leave their comfort zones to join in a single space».

Carlos Rafael Lopes, president of the Cineclube de Faro, in statements to the Sul Informação, recalled that “the first invitation came from the Chamber, from councilor Paulo Santos, and was made at the beginning of the year to the Cineclube. Afterwards, we invited other associations in the city, which had an exemplary activity, and who fit in with the “spirit” to energize the space, which was somewhat vacant during the summer».

One of the objectives of this initiative is, according to the director of the Cineclube, «to give visibility to the initiatives in the different areas of cultural activities of the associations. We are going to create a mix of sectors to carry out an experience that Faro never had, in sharing space and resources in a “crazy” way, because we are a week away from the opening, working and, excluding the support of the Chamber, in the transfer of space, everything will be done with our own resources, without financial support”.

Q Cultural SpaceIn what the associations intend to be a «reference space in the city, there will be concerts, cinema, exhibitions, free time activities with children, or workshops», said Carlos Rafael Lopes.

In the Q Espaço Cultural, there will be a permanent exhibition room, where works of Policromia will be exhibited, a multipurpose room, a small shop with traditional products and a bar with a terrace.

The space will also be open during the day, with some of the bar's functions in operation, while the administrative structures of the associations will also function in that location. “We want to take advantage of the location and tourist potential of this place. stay in old City, is a large, shady space in the heart of the city. We want it to be open so that, during the day, visitors can enjoy it».

Although the space is also open at night, Carlos Rafael Lopes clarifies that "there is no objective to compete with commercial structures in the city", even because "the activities that will be carried out here will only serve to generate revenue for us to create more activities".

This will be «a unique space in the city and also in the context of the Algarve», concludes the president of the Cineclube de Faro.