Loulé Rugby wins the 1st Division Senior National Championship

Rugby Clube de Loulé beat Santarém by 31 to 19, in the first match of the 1st National Championship […]

Loulé Rugby ClubRugby Clube de Loulé beat Santarém by 31 to 19, in the first match of the 1st division National Championship, which was played last Saturday, in Loulé. The senior team of the Loulé club started the season in the best possible way, in a game that drew many fans to the Loulé Rugby Field, in Parque Municipal.

The Loulé team took the lead after 5 minutes, by marking a test and winning the match by 17-11, at half-time. In the second half, Loulé's team continued on top of the game and ended up getting a comfortable victory.

«The Loulé team showed superiority in all the static and dynamic phases of the game, although it made some individual mistakes, natural to the beginning of the season and the youth and irreverence of the Loulé team», according to Câmara de Loulé.

On the field were Tiago Silva, Guilherme Laia, Nicanor Carneiro, Christophe Londot, Hugo Pereira, André Pintassilgo, Miguel Caliço, André Coelho (2+2+2+2+3), John Bondoc (5), Rui Lourenço, João Rodrigues , Rafael Ribeiro (5), James Adamson (5) and Yohan Deroubaix, and Paulo Semeão (5), Ruben Sebastião, Stephen Hodgson, Denis Miron and João Rombinha were also used.

This year, in the 1st Division National Championship, the Loulé Rugby Club will face teams from Benfica, Sporting, Lousã, Caldas da Rainha, Évora, Santarém, São Miguel, Vitória de Setúbal and the recently promoted Vila da Moita.

The next two games will be played in Loulé, in the city's Municipal Park, against the teams of Vitória de Setúbal and São Miguel, on October 11 and 18, respectively, with the kick-off scheduled for 15:30.