«Corpo Restricted» jewelery works are already “coveted” outside the Algarve

The “Corpo Restricted” project, which led to the creation of 25 pieces of contemporary jewelry made in Algarve, was presented at […]

Restricted BodyThe «Restricted Body» project, which led to the creation of 25 pieces of contemporary jewelry made in Algarve, was presented last Friday, at the Foyer of Teatro das Figuras, in Faro.

On the same day, there were already those who asked for the project to be taken to other parts of the country.

The presentation/parade of works event of this project was considered "a success" by the organization, which is now advancing the possibility of extending the initiative over time and taking it beyond the borders of the Algarve.

Already certain, is the possibility of seeing part of these works, about live models, this Saturday and the following one, October 18th, between 23 and 24 hours.

The Tenente Palace, on Rua Conselheiro Bívar, in Faro, will host events open to the general public, where it will be possible to see 16 works live.

Another way to get to know the work of the 19 authors, jewelers, sculptors, set designers and designers who accepted the challenge of the organizers of «Corpo Restricted» is through the photography exhibition that will be launched on 23 October.

The renowned Algarve photographer Vasco Célio signs a set of photographs of the 25 pieces about living models, captured in the studio, which will be printed “in a noble format” and exhibited.

At this time, in addition to the inaugural exhibition at the Ruins of Milreu, in Estoi (October 23 to November 29), tickets at the Museu do Trajo de São Brás de Alportel (December 11 to February 2015) and at the Museum are already available. City of Faro, on a date yet to be defined, in 2015.

All these moments radiate from what was the highlight of the event: The presentation/show on October 3rd, where these pieces of jewelery were made known for the first time.



Restricted BodyAs it was, from the beginning, the intention of the main driver of this project, the master jeweler Filomeno Pereira de Sousa, those who were in the Foyer of Teatro das Figuras, last Friday, could not only see the works created in the scope of «Corpo Restricted», but also “be” with them.

The 25 mannequins chosen from among «day-to-day people» were not limited to parading and offered those present a choreography, designed by Filipa Rodriguez.

This was, moreover, an event full of surprises, one of which was the performance of the soprano Ana Ester Neves, who surprised the guests, singing excerpts from various Operas, “with her powerful voice, à cappella”.

Anyone with a keen curiosity can always head to the Lieutenant's Palace, where a similar experience will be provided, albeit on a smaller scale. Here, in addition to being able to see, in two sessions, 16 works on living models, a video will be presented on the elaboration of the project, of which the Sul Informação is a media partner.


Photos: Andreia Costa/Stills/Restricted Body