PHOTOGALERIA: 400 people protested against new tax in Portimão

While down here close to 400 people protested, sometimes loudly, against the new Civil Protection tax created […]

While down here close to 400 people protested, at times loudly, against the new Civil Protection tax created by the Portimão Chamber, up there, in the main hall, there was an agitated meeting of the public chamber, with interventions by President Isilda Gomes, of citizens who signed up to speak, mixed with screams and cheers.

At the demonstration that took place in the square in front of the Town Hall, what was seen most were gray heads. With the protest scheduled for 15:00, the same time as the beginning of the chamber meeting, many people were working and, therefore, most of the participants were retired, elderly and unemployed.

In fact, this was one of the issues most talked about by the protesters: “I have a reform that is so low that I've had to cut back on medication. I now have more than 20 euros to pay. For me it's a lot. I know the house is mine, but I've already paid the IMI. What do you want me to do? That eat the doors and windows?”, complained Maria Conceição Martins, widow and retired, 83 years old.

“My wife and I are unemployed. What we are still receiving from unemployment benefits is barely enough to pay the bills, the loan on the house and to eat, badly and badly. I have to go and borrow from the family to pay the 18 euros they want to charge me…», said, in a choked voice, an unemployed person.

At the protest, which brought together people from all over the municipality of Portimão, there were few posters, but many screams, some obscene gestures of displeasure, whistles. Some have recovered the old slogan “We Don't Pay! We don't pay!”, just as many shouted “Thieves!”.

Because most of the protesters were elderly, there were those who had taken a beach chair to sit on, while a man played castanets with a tape recorder playing music on his chest and others walked the dogs and grandchildren.


Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues / Sul Informação