Beds no longer return to the corridors of the Hospital de Faro, guaranteed administration

The beds in the corridors of the Hospital de Faro they are a thing of the past and in December they will also cease to be able [...]

The beds in the corridors of the Hospital de Faro they are a thing of the past and in December the stretchers that are still seen in the emergency room of this health unit will also no longer be able to be seen, said the director of the HCF Pedro Nunes this Wednesday.

To put an end to the bad image of beds outside the wards, it was enough to reorganize the existing space and carry out small refurbishments, which would not even have cost a lot of money, said the official.

The minister of Health Paulo Macedo was this Wednesday in Faro to inaugurate the renovation of three services and see with your own eyes the corridors freed from users of this hospital unit.

The member of the Government visited not only the remodeled Stroke Units, Intermediate Care Units of the Emergency Service and Multipurpose Intensive Care, but «the eight floors of the Hospital, from top to bottom».

With the reorganization carried out in recent months, the Hospital de Faro “gained” «about eighty beds in the various inpatient units», not to mention the increase in beds in the stroke unit «from 5 to 10» and that of the Polyvalent Intensive Care «from 9 to 16». The Intermediate Care Unit maintains the same number of beds, but in a new space.

With the improvement of conditions, Pedro Nunes believes that the situation of beds along corridors, with patients lying down in undignified conditions, will not be repeated, not even when the affluence peaks. "You can come here at any time of the year and check with your eyes at any time," he told reporters.

The corridors no longer have beds, but in the emergency room you can still see patients on stretchers, waiting. A situation that the Hospital of Faro is also resolving and in the process of launching the tender for the expansion of the Emergency Service, a procedure already "duly authorized" by the tutelage and which will be paid "with money from the hospital budget, resulting from several savings" made in the last year, according to Pedro Nunes.

This work should "begin next month and be completed in December." Unlike the units inaugurated, this Wednesday this intervention will encourage an expansion of the hospital space, to create an area of ​​reception and demure waiting for patients who are admitted to the emergency room. As for values, Pedro Nunes prefers not to advance them, since “they are still in the negotiation phase”.

At the end of the visit, Paulo Macedo did not say what will be the value of the budget cuts in the health sector, although he admits that these will happen. The member of the Government said that the values ​​would only be decided at a future meeting of the Council of Ministers, but added that what was planned to be cut "are the obligations that are in the Troika memorandum", that is, it will be around 200 million euros.

Paulo Macedo admitted that health will have "less money than we would like", but when faced with the need for cuts, he preferred to talk about investment. The minister highlighted the investment being made in the Hospital de Faro and what was done at the Portimão Health Center, while ensuring that the closure of the Loulé and Lagos Basic Emergency Services is not planned.