Via Algarviana will have audio-guided routes until the end of 2012

Via Algarviana will have audio-guided routes until the end of this year, a novelty in the region that intends to make this territory […]

Via Algarviana will have audio-guided routes until the end of this year, a novelty in the region that aims to make this territory in the interior of the region even more attractive for residents and visitors. Altogether, there will be ten alternatives, all of them for walks of less than six kilometers.

This is just one of the many novelties that those responsible for Via Algarviana have to launch by the end of this year. The Algarve environmental association Almargem and its many institutional partners are making an effort to have everything contained in the application submitted for the Algarve 21 Operational Program completed by the end of 2012.

The coordinator of the Via Algarviana II project Anabela Santos will speak on these new measures and projects that complement the pedestrian and cycling route that crosses the interior of the Algarve on the radio program Impressões, which will air today, Wednesday, at 19 pm . The program is the result of a partnership between the Sul Informação and Rádio Universitária do Algarve RUA FM and can be heard on 102.7 FM or on university radio website.

Anabela Santos will speak about this second phase of the Via Algarviana, which, according to her, can no longer be seen as a project “but as a territory”, since it is already fully established on the ground. In this second phase, the creation of complementary routes and associated products and, above all, the creation of a management model that allows this territory to be self-sustainable, as of 2013 is on the table.

Among the complementary measures are dozens of new routes, including audio-guided routes, thematic routes, complementary circular routes to the Via Algarviana and connections to the coast.

The biggest novelty are the ten audio-guided tours, an offer “that does not exist in the region, at least in the environmental area”, although there is already an offer of this nature “in the North of the country”.

“They will be short courses, as the extension cannot be very long. What we expect is that they will not exceed five or six kilometers», reveals Anabela Santos.

«Anyone can download the files in mp4 format from our website and from the Chambers. Our idea is that Turismo do Algarve also have them available at their tourist offices», he adds.

The aim is for visitors to be able to make the route “autonomous”, without the need for guides or even bookings. The fact that it is an MP4 file allows it not only to have an audio record “but also images of the most emblematic places”. In other words, it will be adapted for devices such as smartphones, tablets and portable music players that support video.


Don't miss the broadcast of the interview with Anabela Santos, in full, this late afternoon or Saturday, at 12 pm, on RUA, on 102.7 FM.