Monchique Geology Route will be “inaugurated” with a walk on June 2nd

A short 6-kilometre, interpretative, experimental walk on the theme of Geology will take place in Marmelete, Monchique, in […]

A short 6-kilometre, interpretive walk on the subject of Geology will take place in Marmelete, Monchique, on Saturday, June 2nd.

This route will be one of those included in the future Geology Route, a complementary route to the Via Algarviana, in the municipality of Monchique.

He will be guided by Francisco Lopes and Tiago Neves, from the Association for the Defense and Dissemination of the Geological Heritage of Alentejo and Algarve – DPGA.

Anabela Santos, from the Almargem association, which promotes these complementary routes to the Via Algarviana in collaboration with the City Councils of the crossed municipalities, explained to Sul Informação that, in Monchique, two routes will be implemented – Monumental Trees (already launched with another walk) and Geology.

In the latter case, the route is divided into two routes, one of which is shorter and simpler, more suitable for families, precisely this one in Marmelete. "Our goal is that part of these routes can always be traveled with the family," explained Anabela Santos.

In addition to the tour on geology in the Marmelete area, another one is still being prepared, “in the Fóia surroundings”, with a greater degree of difficulty and extension.

The walk, for which a maximum of 30 people must be registered, costs 3 euros for members of this association (includes insurance) or 5 euros for non-members.

The meeting point is scheduled for 9:30 am, at the Parish Council of Marmelete, where this short walk will begin, which should take four hours, as it is an interpretive route on the rich geology of the Serra de Monchique.

To enjoy the walk, Almargem proposes a convivial lunch at the “Luz” Snack Bar, for just 12 euros (mandatory reservation). The menu includes starters, stewed wild boar, drink, dessert (fruit or sweet salad) and coffee.

Registration or information for the following contacts:

Phone: 289 412 959 / TLM: 938 771 316

Email: [email protected]