A hundred hikers and cyclists crossed the Via Algarviana

The 5th crossing of the Via Algarviana, which ended in Alcoutim on Friday, April 6, had more than […]

The 5th Via Algarviana Crossing, which ended in Alcoutim on Friday, April 6, had more than a hundred entries, with an average of 25 daily participants in the pedestrian mode and 30 in the mountain biking mode.

Despite the atmospheric conditions, the balance is considered «very positive» by the organization, in charge of the association Almargem.

The closing session and final snack of the 5th Via Algarviana crossing took place on Saturday, at 16:30 pm, in the hall of the Alcoutim Nautical Center, a place kindly provided by the municipality.

The program for this day started with a walk from Balurcos towards Alcoutim, in a 24,20 km route for the pedestrian modality. In mountain biking, a 58 km route was made, from Vaqueiros to Alcoutim.

The approximately 60 participants of this last stage got together for a final get-together in which the mayor Francisco Amaral and the president of CCDR Algarve David Santos were present.

During the snack, participants of both modalities who completed the 5th Crossing were given the respective certificates of participation.

The initiative was sponsored by the companies REN, Vila Vita Parc, CGD's “Sempre por Maus Caminhos” Mountaineering Group and Cimpor, as well as with the support of Apolónia Supermercados, some partner Municipalities and parish councils, Extremo Sul, MegaSport, G-Ride, Jaffers Supermarkets, Quinta do Freixo, Moinho de Cachopo, Frutas Guerreiro and Burros & Artes.

Supports can be consulted in full at Facebook page of the Via Algarviana project.

The Via Algarviana is a long distance (300 km) pedestrian route, classified as Grande Rota (GR13). It starts in Alcoutim, next to the Guadiana, and ends at Cape S. Vicente, in Vila do Bispo, passing through the mountains of Caldeirão and Monchique.

It crosses essentially forest areas and villages in the interior of the Algarve, where many of the rural traditions that the project intends to make known still persist.

More information about Via Algarviana here