Silves: Oficina do Gosto highlights Mediterranean diet and citrus fruits

The Municipal Library of Silves will host next Saturday, April 14th, at 16 pm, the action “Oficina do […]

Next Saturday, April 14th, at 16 pm, the Municipal Library of Silves will host the action “Oficina do Taste – Citrine, a meal based on the Mediterranean diet”.

The initiative, which has the support of the Municipality of Silves, is promoted by Slow Food Algarve, the PROVE project and Associação In Loco.

With the main objective of highlighting the importance of the Mediterranean diet and, in particular, the use of citrus fruit in food, this action will be promoted by José Manuel Gamboa (producer and Slow Food representative) chef Augusto Lima, Carla Dias (producer) and Carlos Cabrita (agricultural and restoration technician).

“Citrus fruits in the Mediterranean Diet”, “The Basket PROVE – some tasty ideas with citrus fruits” and “Citrus fruits in the Algarve” are the themes that will be addressed by the aforementioned participants, both theoretically and in practical terms through a gastronomic demonstration using the use of the 100% BIO basket and where citrus fruits are obligatory.

Participation in this action costs 5 euros, registration must be made via email [email protected].


Citrus fruits in the Mediterranean Diet
José Manuel Gamboa (Producer and Slow Food)
boss Augusto Lima

The Taste Basket. Some tasty ideas with citrus fruit
Eng. Carla Dias (Producer)

Citrus fruits in the Algarve
Eng. Carlos Cabrita (Agricultural and Restoration Technician)