Romã is the queen of November in the Municipal Market of São Brás de Alportel

The Municipal Market of São Brás de Alportel wears red in November to welcome the queen […]

The Municipal Market of São Brás de Alportel wears red, in November, to welcome the queen of the orchard, the Pomegranate, the beautiful red-peeled fruit topped by an imposing crown.

Autumn flavors invade the Municipal Market again with new activities and suggestions to learn how to taste the fruits of the season, especially the pomegranate.

The saying goes that on Twelfth Night, pomegranate berries cannot be lacking to attract luck and fortune… Certainly associated with its health benefits: rich in oxidants, pomegranate helps control cholesterol and prevent heart attacks; and more recent studies also point out, among countless virtues, the fight against the signs of aging and its potential for male sexual health.

The Autumn Queen promises to be present at the stalls of the Municipal Market vendors and smile through the bark with its beautiful red berries, applied in countless beauty products and not only.

The Mercadinho da Romã, held on the 5th, kicked off this themed month, with a very surprising product display!

In the month of São Martinho, the Municipal Market fulfills the tradition of “Eating the chestnut and tasting the wine” at the Mercadinho do Vinho – Special São Martinho, on the 12th, which introduces new wine flavors in the region to accompany the chestnuts that fill with color the stalls of the Municipal Market.

The flavors of the season return with the Workshop: How to preserve olives, on the 19th, under the guidance of Vitória Azinheira, a simple confection that keeps secrets and stories from a past in which olives were consumed with bread, as a meal.

Crushed olives, preserved in water and salt, among many other ways of sweetening, are then seasoned with various ingredients that intensify the olive's flavor. Mountain flavors and aromas that promise to make your mouth water!

On the last Saturday of the month, the 26th, the Gastronomic Demonstration returns to the Municipal Market mornings by Chef Osvalde Silva, with new menus sprinkled with color and pomegranate flavour.