Corpohoje Association promotes Community Art Course in Tavira

Madalena Wallenstein, Ana Borges, Filipa Francisco, Helena Faria, José Geraldo, Ludger Lamers, Margarida Mestre and Marion Gough are the trainers […]

Magdalene Wallenstein

Madalena Wallenstein, Ana Borges, Filipa Francisco, Helena Faria, José Geraldo, Ludger Lamers, Margarida Mestre and Marion Gough are the trainers of the Community Art Course, which Associação Cultural corpohoje will promote on weekends between October 14th and December 16, at the Hotel Vila Galé Tavira. 

Ana Borges and Pedro Nascimento, responsible for the organization, say they believe «that the creation of this course will bring important tools in the formation of the Creative Dance area and other artistic areas in order to develop in artists and educators the autonomy to develop well-structured projects at the level of the contents, strategy and methodology of artistic teaching intervening in schools, institutions and in the community». 

After completing the course, the participants «will, as much as possible, be integrated into the artistic-educational practice of corpodehoje». 

At the end of the course, a certificate will be given to everyone who has attended the full course. 

The course is aimed at professionals and non-professionals in the artistic fields, dance teachers, musicians, plastic artists, actors, physical education teachers, educators, educational action technicians, kindergarten assistants and others interested in developing knowledge in the artistic and educational activities. 

For those in need of accommodation, the Hotel where the training takes place, in the center of Tavira, has discounts for trainees of 5% on the stay and 10% on food. 

To register, it is necessary to send a motivation letter and pre-registration form to: [email protected]

Enrollments, which cost 120 euros plus 30 euros for insurance, are open until the 9th of September, from which date payment must be made by the deadline of October XNUMXth, by bank transfer. 

The organization facilitates the payment of registration. Corpodehoje members have a 10% discount on the total cost of the course. 

The course has the support of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve, Hotel Vila Galé Tavira, CIAC- Center for Research in Arts and Communication, Agricultural Credit, Typography Tavirense, City Council of Faro, Santo Estêvão Parish Council, Postal do Algarve and Rádio Gilão. 

Biographies | trainers: 

Ana Borges is licensed by Escola Superior de Dança and graduated from Fórum Dança with the Courses of Contemporary Dance Interpreters and Recycling of Dance Monitors.

She has developed her professional activity as a choreographer, actress, interpreter of contemporary dance and teacher of dance, choreographic composition and movement for actors.

It has guided different specific workshops for the community. Among his choreographic creations, he highlights Flor de Aço and Quero-te-me no seu Bolso, created with the support of M|C and selected for different Portuguese contemporary dance platforms.

He created the performance/installation hOPPERhOPE based on some works by the American painter Edward Hopper, the show Oito feijões at the invitation of Vo'Arte for the Lugar à Dança festival.

He created the Performance Without Words at the invitation of Culturgest's Educational Service for a danced visit to the painting exhibition by Fátima Mendonça So, so, so you like me more, street performance buttons me as part of the Festival Cenas na Rua de Tavira 2010, the performance Arroz em Powder at the invitation of Palácio da Galeria in Tavira and Pickles de Chocolate at the invitation of Uma Porta Amiga de Tavira.

She danced for the choreographers Ana Rita Barata, Gagik Ismailian, Heidi Wilm, Hillel Kogan, José Seabra, Ludger Lamers, Marina Nabais, Paula Varanda, Sofia Silva, Wil Swanson and was an actress for Teatro do Morcego.

He directed the movement for plays: Thus speaks Zarathustra from Coimbra's Teatro do Morcego, Lenga-Lengas go to the sea from Joane's Novo Teatro Construção and Oriana from Porto's Art'Imagem Theatre.

She was a movement collaborator in the Piece Daimonium by Teatro do Mar de Sines and A Fuga de Wang-Fô by Joana Pupo.

She was a dance teacher at several institutions.

She was a collaborator of the Culturgest Educational Service in Lisbon.

He is a member of the pop-up improvised music collective.

In 2008 he created corpodehoje – a cultural association with collaborators in different artistic areas, in which he holds the position of President of the Board and assumes the artistic direction.


Philippa Francisco Choreographer and performer at various festivals in Portugal, Spain, France and Brazil.

Founder of the Theater-Dance company “A Torneira”.

Since 2000, he has been developing the “Rexistir” project (a training and creation project with the inmates of Castelo Branco). 


Helena Faria was born in Coimbra (Portugal) in 1962.

She has a degree in Childhood Education (Coimbra Higher School of Education), a degree in Theater (University of Évora), a postgraduate degree in Theater Studies (University of Lisbon) and a master's degree in Literature for Children and Reading Mediation (University of Braga).

She is an actress and oral narrator. As an oral narrator and reading mediator who every month, for almost 10 years, has been visiting the 1st cycle schools (primary education) in the municipality of Coimbra.

With the cultural association Camaleão, since 1990, in Coimbra, he has been developing continuous work in the areas of theatre, oral narration, music and cultural associations.

With regard specifically to oral narration, the following should be highlighted: Oral Narrators Training Workshops; Tales Farms; Contar (edition of the only serial publication in Portuguese on the act of oral narration); collaborations with the Botanical Gardens and the Museums of the University of Coimbra.

As a narrator, she has held sessions mainly in Portugal — from end-to-end and at the main oral narration meetings: Beja (Words Andarilhas) and Braga (International Encounters of Oral Narration) —, but she has also spoken in Spain, Brazil and in Argentine.


José Geraldo was born in 1960.

Graduated in Law (Fac. Direito Univ. Coimbra), post-graduated in Documentary Sciences (Fac. Letras Univ. Coimbra), specialized in Theater Studies (Fac. Letras Univ. Lisbon), with a master's degree in Dramatic Text (Fac. Letras Univ. . Porto) and doing a PhD in Materialities of Literature (Fac. Letras Univ. Coimbra).

Guest Assistant at the Department of Communication and Art at the University of Aveiro, since 1997, where he teaches in Music and Education degrees.

Theater professional since 1983, when he started as an actor at the Évora Dramatic Center.

As a stage director, he worked, among others, at Companhia deTeatro de Aveiro (1995-98), at Théatre Zygomars in Namur, Belgium (2000), at Panmixia and at Casa da Música, both in Porto (2009-2011).

Since 2000 he has worked regularly at Camaleão – Associação Cultural, of which he is a member.

As a dramatic author, he received the Inatel Theater Grand Prix in 2004.

There are a few dozen texts for adults and children already performed.

Music composer for the scene (since 1985). He conceived and participated in several musical performance projects.

More recently, he has been exploring the link between live music and cinema.

In the area of ​​oral narration, he has divided his intervention between practice itself (since 2000) and training (since 2002).


Ludger Lamers worked with teachers and choreographers such as Roberto Galvan, Arila Siegert, Jon Beek, Lisa Nelson.

As a choreographer and dancer, he created the following works: “Ursache”, “Zyklen” and “Epirrhema”, with the group “Tassarakt”.

He founded the group “Tanzendent”, having presented “Schminkspuren”, “Orange” and “Verrückungen”.

He solo created “Einmal Eden und zurück” and “Me in you” and in 1993 he joined the “Tanztheater Thomas Guggi” in Berlin.

He worked with Olga Roriz, Toula Limnaios, Paula Massano, Francisco Camacho, Isabelle Schad, Adriana Sá, Carlos Zingaro, Olga Mesa, Mia Lawrence and Philippe Asselin.

Developed several productions in Germany and Portugal. He also works as an improvisation and partnering teacher for actors and dancers.


Magdalene Wallenstein she is a music teacher and trainer and coordinator of the CCB's Pedagogy and Animation Center.

It provides training courses for kindergarten teachers, primary teachers and artists (musicians) in the area of ​​artistic expression.

He founded Orff-inspired orchestras formed by children and young people, having designed and implemented programs in this area.

She was the creator and coordinator of music and musical theater performances presented on stage by children and young people.

She was the stage director and artistic director of several shows, being invited by Expo 98 – Festival dos 100 Dias to present her productions.

She is a supervisor of creative workshops and ateliers for children, young people and non-professional adults in several institutions: Fórum Dança, Centro Cultural de Belém, Centro Cultural de Cascais, Music Department of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Casa da Música, among others.

Collaborates with Fundação do Gil, coordinating a team of musicians who implement the “Hora da Música” project.

He is currently president of Artemanhas – Oficina de Expressão Artística, the cultural association created by itself in 2001.


master daisy is trained in the area of ​​pedagogy, sound design and dance by Fórum Dança.

He began his career as an interpreter of performing arts working with several Portuguese and foreign choreographers.

She was a CNCultura scholarship holder in New York.

She has had voice training at the Institute for the Living Voice, in NY with Lynn Book and Shelley Hirsch and with Phil Minton at Co-Lab, Porto.

It develops a strong activity in the area of ​​pedagogy in Lisbon and other cities in the country, for children, young people and adults/trainers, in the area of ​​body and voice; in projects related to the environment; and other multidisciplinary projects that focus on experience and learning through artistic languages.

Accompanied by luminous musicians and other (i)illustrious collaborators, since 2001 she discovers and invents performances, poetic objects…


marion gough is university professor, educator and dance consultant in London, throughout the United Kingdom and in several other countries, such as University of Goldsmiths, University of London, Royal Ballet Education Department, Dansen Hus (Copenhagen), CI Course (Berlin) , Forum Dance, among others.

Having dedicated her life to teaching, she is also a choreographer in many artistic projects.

Author of two publications in the dance area: “In touch with dance”, 1993, and “Knowing Dance”, 1997.