Quarteira: Physiatrists talk about musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace

On Friday, April 19th

The Quarteira branch of the Loulé Municipal Library will promote, this Friday, April 19th, at 21 pm, an information session on musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace. 

The theme is part of the initiative “Let's answer questions about…”, and will be attended by physiatrists, Ana Lúcia Gomes, Ivone Rodrigues and Bruno Paiva.

«Work-related musculoskeletal injuries (LMERT) are diseases of the musculoskeletal system that originate from work activity. They have a high prevalence. The main factors for its development are repeated movements, maintained postures, lifting loads, extreme postures and the absence of recovery periods between tasks», warns the Loulé municipality in a note.

In a note, the Municipality also emphasizes that «injury prevention through teaching active pauses, correct postures and movements and joint protectors are the main objective of this communication».

Ana Lúcia Gomes is a hospital assistant in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, responsible for consulting spinal deviations, and a member of the pediatric rehabilitation team. She has a postgraduate degree in Scoliosis and Neurodevelopment.

Ivone Rodrigues is a 3rd year internal medicine doctor specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. A superior Occupational Hygiene and Safety technician, she has a postgraduate degree in Clinical Geriatrics.

Bruno Paiva is a 3rd year intern doctor specializing in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and has a postgraduate degree in Sports Medicine.