Order points to new medical career, ULS reform and emergencies as priorities

Order of Doctors (OM) delivered a document to the minister

Improving the ability to attract and retain doctors in the public service, particularly with a new medical career, and evaluating the model of Local Health Units were some of the priorities presented by the Medical Association to the new Minister of Health.

In the first meeting with Ana Paula Martins, the Medical Association (OM) delivered a document listing six priority measures for 60 days, including the creation of a new medical career, to be applied to all doctors from internship onwards.

Upon leaving the meeting, the president of the Order of Doctors Carlos Cortes told journalists that the main intention of the proposals is to “improve the ability to attract and retain the National Health Service”.

«We will send a set of documents in the coming weeks on the matters listed here», said the president, revealing that the Minister of Health Ana Paula Martins, asked the OM to, within a month, deliver a proposal for the new medical career, «namely in the conditions of training, research and working conditions of doctors within the National Health Service».

Another of the points that Carlos Cortes considered a priority is the «rigorous evaluation» of the Local Health Units (ULS) model, explaining that the OM already has a commission preparing a report with this evaluation that it expects to deliver at the end of May.

«We informed the Minister of Health of a commission that the Order of Doctors set up, in January this year, to monitor the ULS, which already has a preliminary report and which it will present during the month of May to the Ministry of Health and the Executive Board. of the SNS", he said.

In addition to these two measures, Carlos Cortes also said that the OM addressed “a package of measures” – which he did not want to specify – to improve the emergency response.