Government extends deadline for applications from educators and teachers until Thursday

After complaining that the platform was not working

 The Ministry of Education decided yesterday to extend until Thursday the deadline for submitting applications for competitions for the placement of kindergarten teachers and teachers in primary and secondary education in public schools.

The initial deadline ended on Tuesday, with the National Education Federation (FNE), one of the union structures representing teachers, complaining that the IT platform for submitting applications had flaws and to appeal to the Government to extend the competition dates.

In a subsequent note to the media, the Ministry of Education, Science and Innovation states that it has “strengthened the capacity of civil servants” and that it has decided to extend the deadline for submitting applications for the internal and external competitions 18/00 until 2024pm on Thursday. .

The ministry recognizes that there was "high access to the platform of the Directorate-General for School Administration" with "the initial deadline" for submitting applications approaching.

In the note, the guardianship emphasizes that «it is essential that the competitions take place normally, guaranteeing the serenity of public school teachers”, in a year in which “new rules are applied for teacher placement competitions”.