Journalist Professional Card Committee promotes meeting in Faro

Session open to the participation of journalists, students, academics and information consumers

The Commission for the Professional Journalist Card (CCPJ) promotes this Thursday, April 4th, another National Meeting, this time in Faro, open to the participation of journalists, students, academics and information consumers.

The new session, which can be watched in person or remotely, is scheduled for 14:30 pm, at Amphitheater 0.6. of the Higher School of Education and Communication of the University of Algarve, at the Pedagogical Complex, Campus da Penha, in Faro.

The event in Faro appears as part of the Communication Sciences Seminars promoted by the curricular units of Journalism and Editorial Production and Journalism and Audiovisual Production of the Degree in Communication Sciences. It also has the Center for Research in Arts and Communication at the organizational level and the support of the Foundation for Science and Technology.

«The troubled times that the exercise of journalistic activity is going through has proved to be an opportune time to think about journalism with journalists. Current reality has demonstrated that more and more journalists and operators have been, for example, giving in to interests and facilitation. The precarious conditions in which journalists have been practicing their profession have not only proved to be difficult for professionals in terms of their own survival and mental health, but could also jeopardize the impartiality, rigor, independence and credibility of journalism", highlights the CCPJ.

“Citizens demand up-to-the-minute information, at the same time that journalists expect them to comply with the highest ethical commitment to the truth,” he adds.

«Everyone has long called for the review of the legal instruments that govern journalistic activity, including the regulatory structures of social communication and journalism, in order to strengthen the capacity to safeguard the quality of information», the CCPJ also says.

The itinerant dialogues promoted by the CCPJ are part of the decentralization project with which the CCPJ has been bringing the institution closer to journalists and the journalism that takes place across the country.

The sharing of experiences between the members who currently make up the different bodies of this independent entity for the (co)regulation of journalists has proven to be productive. On the one hand, the competencies and functionalities of the CCPJ have been discussed and, on the other, dialogue and reflection on current journalism and the role of journalists have allowed us to gather ideas for desired changes. Namely, in terms of legislative, behavioral changes and commitment to journalistic activity.

Like previous sessions, which have already covered a large part of the North and Center of the continental territory, as well as Funchal, the Meeting will be dedicated, initially, to the presentation of the Commission's mission, taking into account that journalists and journalism are the purpose and essence of the CCPJ.

«A debate will follow about the Journalism we have and what journalism we want», adds the CCPJ.

With young students, issues of access to the profession will also be discussed with today's Journalists on their way to tomorrow.

The CCPJ also has the support of the Portuguese Press Association, the Portuguese Broadcasting Association, the Christian Inspiration Press Association, the Christian Inspiration Radio Association and the Journalists Union in promoting and publicizing the Meetings.


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