Friends of the Costume Museum musical season with concerts in March and April

Tickets for the concert cost 12 euros

A tThe Friends of the Costume Museum musical emporation, which takes place in São Brás de Alportel, started in February and has more concerts in March and April. 

On Sunday, March 17th, at 17pm, the third concert of the season will take place. The guest artist is Eduardo Ramos, a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, known for playing various instruments, such as the Middle Eastern lute (Oud), viola, flute, Gambry from Morocco, Zukra from Tunisia and African instruments.

Eduardo Ramos has already recorded 11 albums and performed in several countries, including Portugal, Belgium, Malta, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Morocco.

He will play medieval Galician-Portuguese songs, Arabic songs, Sephardic songs and traditional Portuguese songs, as well as singing poems by great Portuguese poets with songs written by him.

Tickets for the concert cost 12 euros for the general public and 10 euros for Friends of the Museum.

Capacity is limited, so anyone who wants to attend can reserve their place by emailing [email protected] or calling 966 329 073, until 16pm on the Friday before the concert.

On the 7th of April it is Peyoti for President's turn to take Music from the World to the Costume Museum, at 17pm, and on the 00st of April it is João Campos Palma with jazz and accordion.

Last month there were two incredible concerts in the music season.

On February 17th, Helena Madeira enchanted with her performance on the harp, accompanied by her voice.

The second concert of the season, on March 1st, featured Miguel Martins “KALEIDOSCÓPIO” on jazz, with Carlos Barreto on double bass and Marcelo Araújo on drums.