Sete Lágrimas takes “Diaspora” to Lethes Theater

Reservations can be made via email at [email protected]

Photo: Rita Santos

The group “Sete Lágrimas” gives a concert this Sunday, March 24th, from 16pm, at Teatro Lethes, in Faro, presenting the sounds of his most recent work: “Díáspora”. 

With artistic direction by Filipe Faria and Sérgio Peixoto, the Diáspora project is inspired by six centuries of history, artistic influences from the four corners of the world.

The “Diáspora” project already has three titles: “” (2008), “Terra” (2011) and “Península” (2012) and delves into the genres and musical forms of the five continents, risking new interpretative formulas of repertoires popular and erudite from the XNUMXth century to the XNUMXth century, from the Iberian village to fado, from the “black” villages of the XNUMXth/XNUMXth century to the Brazilian “chorinho”, passing through the African “mornas” and the traditional songs of Timor, Macau, India and Brazil .

This show, produced by Associação Cultural Música XXI and sponsored by the Municipality of Faro, will be performed by Filipe Faria on voice, percussion and 4-order viola, Sérgio Peixoto on voice, Tiago Matias on baroque guitar, vihuela e theorbo and Juan de la Fuente on percussion.

Reservations can be made via email at [email protected].