PS argues that a new university campus in Barlavento is “essential for diversifying the economy”

«This is one of the Socialist Party's commitments for the next legislature», emphasizes the PS

PS Algarve was in Portimão, on the land where the new university campus is expected to be built, and argued that this construction “is essential to increase the qualifications of young people and diversify the economy” in the region. 

«This is one of the Socialist Party's commitments for the next legislature and the land has already been identified by the Portimão City Council and transferred by protocol to the University of Algarve», emphasizes the party.

The objective is to create an intelligent territory in Barlavento that trains talent and creates conditions for the establishment of companies that invest in innovation and technology and that offer more qualified and better paid jobs.

Jamila Madeira says that «we need to diversify the Algarve's economic base and this can only be done by increasing qualifications and increasing the number of young people from the Algarve who attend higher education».

«Establishing this university campus in Portimão will be a golden opportunity for many young people living in the windward region to access higher education and that is what the Algarve economy needs, more talent and more young people with higher qualification levels so that we can collectively be more competitive. ", to be continued.

The PS candidates also visited in Portimão the works of the Autódromo do Algarve Technological Park, an investment of more than 7 million euros that aims to be a center for the transfer of knowledge between academic research, through the University of Algarve, and the largest construction companies of automobiles, which already use the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve to compete and test their cars, particularly in the area of ​​synthetic fuels.



«We don't want less tourism, we want more economy. We are world leaders in tourism and we want to continue to be the best destination in Europe, but as was evident during the pandemic we cannot depend exclusively on tourism", said Jamila Madeira, recalling that the Government allocated 300 million euros to the Algarve from the Recovery and Resilience Plan to support the region in broadening its economic base and diversifying its economy.

«In recent years we have supported the University of Algarve in the construction of a technological center in Faro, where 120 companies linked to technological innovation already work. In Loulé, through ABC, Algarve Biomedical Center, investments worth around 11 million euros are on the ground and will create a research hub in the areas of healthcare and biomedicine», highlights the PS.

In Olhão and Vila Real de Santo António, the party highlights «the blue or sea economy sector, both in terms of shipbuilding, aquaculture and research from algae to marine microorganisms and here in Portimão, with the Celerator, the new park of the Autódromo, we are going to create an engineering hub linked to the automotive industry that aims to be greener and less polluting».

«As a whole, we are creating a stronger regional economy capable of retaining its young graduates”, concluded the head of the socialists' list.


On December 3, 2022 a memorandum was signed between UAlg, the Chamber of Portimão and the Regional Coordination and Development Commission (CCDR) which defined that not only is there land waiting for the construction of this Campus, provided by the Chamber of Portimão, but there is also a commitment on the municipality's part in infrastructure.