President of the Republic begins listening to parties and coalitions today

The consultation process begins with PAN and ends on the 20th with AD

The President of the Republic begins today to listen to the parties and coalitions that elected deputies in Sunday's elections, a listening process that begins with the PAN and ends on the 20th with the AD.

As announced by the Presidency on Monday, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa will receive today the PAN, on Wednesday the Livre, on Thursday the CDU coalition (PCP/PEV), on Friday the BE and on Saturday the Initiative Liberal.

Next week, it will be time to hear Chega on the 18th, the PS on the 19th and the Democratic Alliance (AD) on the 20th, a coalition that brought together the PSD, the CDS-PP and PPM.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa's objective is to listen to all parties and coalitions that will be represented in the Assembly of the Republic, taking into account the provisional results announced by the Ministry of Internal Administration and without prejudice to the circles that still need to be determined.

The results of the two emigration circles – from Europe and Outside Europe – which each elect two deputies each, which should happen on the same day that the AD will be heard, still need to be counted.

According to the provisional results, the AD, which ran on the mainland and in the Azores, obtained 1.757.879 votes, 28,63% of the total, and elected 76 deputies.

Adding to these results the three elected and 52.992 votes obtained in Madeira by PSD and CDS-PP, who competed together in this region, without the PPM, gives a total of 1.810.871 votes, 29,49% of the total, and 79 mandates – 77 from the PSD and 2 from the CDS-PP.

The PS obtained 1.759.937 votes, 28,66%, and elected 77 deputies.

Article 187 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic establishes that “the prime minister is appointed by the President of the Republic, after consulting the parties represented in the Assembly of the Republic and taking into account the electoral results”.

On election night, the president of the PSD, Luís Montenegro, stated that he had a “founded expectation” that the President of the Republic would nominate him as prime minister to form a Government, taking into account the results of the anticipated legislative elections.