PGR reiterates evidence of an MP under attack and refuses to continue in office

Lucília Gago spoke on the sidelines of the XIII Congress of the Union of Public Prosecutors (SMMP)

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The Attorney General of the Republic said today that “it is clear” that there are “multiple forces” attacking the Public Ministry, called for a considered political debate with a “constructive spirit” on justice reforms and ruled out any possibility of continuing in office.

“By no means is it out of the question. No, I have time and conditions to be happy”, said, emphatically, the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), Lucília Gago, to journalists, upon entering the second day of the XIII Congress of the Union of Public Prosecutors ( SMMP), in Ponta Delgada, Azores, after being asked about her availability to continue in the position.

Regarding the speech at the opening session of the congress, on Thursday, the PGR reiterated its words about attacks and internal and external pressure on the Public Ministry (MP).

“It is evidence, it is evidence that this has been the case”, said Lucília Gago, referring to “multiple forces”, from “different origins, different origins”.

“The result is one that we all saw and therefore needs no comments. It’s all in the speech,” she added.