Cortelha Pavilion is ready to host the Brandy and Honey Fair

This Saturday

The Pavilhão da Cortelha is ready to host this Saturday, March 9th, another edition of the Aguardente and Honey Fair. 

The initiative aims to highlight and value these two products from the Algarve mountains, «traditionally produced with great dedication and mastery and which continue to have great relevance today, both in terms of social and economic dynamics, and in terms of the tourist projection of the interior. Algarve, Aguardente and Honey», emphasizes the Association of Friends of Cortelha.

The Aguardente and Honey Fair takes place at the Pavilhão da Cortelha and will feature entertainment, gastronomy, crafts and the usual walking tour.

The program begins at 9 am with a walking tour of around 00 kilometers, passing through fully functioning medronho distilleries and where it will be possible to deprive yourself of the drink. To sign up just go to Friends of Cortelha website.

At the venue, exhibitors open their stalls at 12:00 p.m., then, at 12:30 p.m., tapas and delicacies from Serra do Caldeirão begin to be served, such as corn porridge, roasted sausage, fried gizzards, mountain donuts, stewed rooster, among others. .

The entertainment starts at 14pm, with Flipe Romão's accordion, and the folklore will take place at
16pm with the Ethnographic Group “Amendoeiras em Flor” from Altura. At 00pm the sounds of the Alentejo and the viola campaniça take to the stage with the “Violas Campaniças” Group, from Castro Verde.

In the evening there will be a dance with Marco Filipe, starting at 21pm.

The main local producers of brandy and honey will be present at the Fair, as well as farmers and artisans.

The organization is in charge of the Association of Friends of Cortelha, with the support of the Municipality of Loulé and the Parish Council of Salir.