GNR warns elderly people in Alcoutim about scams, theft and robberies

Within the scope of the “Vilas em Movimento” project

The “Vilas em Movimento” project is promoting proximity actions between the senior population of Alcoutim and the GNR, raising awareness of issues such as fraud, theft and theft.

The initiative, which results from the collaboration between Odiana – Association for the Development of Baixo Guadiana, the Galp Foundation and the Municipality of Alcoutim, «reiterates the commitment to improving the quality of life and well-being of the region's senior population, promoting social inclusion and the valorization of cultural and natural heritage through the promotion of various activities».

Within the scope of this project, several proximity actions were implemented in collaboration with the Republican National Guard (GNR), specifically with professionals from the Criminal Prevention and Community Policing Section of the Tavira territorial detachment, taking into account the specific needs of the municipality's elderly population. from Alcoutim.

During the month of February, the first proximity actions were held in Alcoutim, Martim Longo and Vaqueiros, focusing on raising awareness of issues such as fraud, theft and robbery.



With topics such as safety at home, on the street and prevention of fraud, GNR professionals shared recommendations such as “always close the windows, avoid keeping money at home, and even take precautions when using equipment such as heaters and electrical sockets”.

In terms of street safety, guidelines were shared to avoid walking alone at night, care with shoulder bags and valuables, and precautions when approached by strangers.

As for scams, the elderly were alerted to the concept of the “con man's tale” and the methods used by fraudsters.

According to Odiana, prevention strategies were also discussed, emphasizing the importance of not letting strangers into the home and maintaining discretion regarding the presence or absence of people at home.

The next actions take place on March 20th (Pereiro), April 11th (Gião), April 18th (Pessegueiro) and May 9th (Cabaços).