Derailment on the line forces Alfa Pendular train Faro/Lisbon stopping at Ermidas-Sado

The need for bus transfers was considered

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (file)

A derailment on the railway line, between Canal Caveira and Grândola, forced the Alfa Pendular train that was making the journey Faro/Lisbon stopping for around an hour and a half at Ermidas-Sado station. Railway traffic was cut off on this section between 8:40 am and 10:10 am.

A reader of Sul Informação who is on board the Alfa said that, at around 8:55 am, the passengers were “waiting for the buses in Ermidas-Sado to transfer to Grândola”.

However, after the situation had been resolved and the road inspected, it was decided that there were conditions for the Alfa to continue its journey to Lisbon, despite being an hour and a half late.

CP Communication Source, in response to an email from our newspaper, reported that, «due to the derailment of a wagon, this morning, it was necessary to suspend the circulation of trains between Grândola and Ermidas do Sado, on the Southern Line. it was, however, unimpeded and circulation has now been restored».

Source from the Beja Sub-Regional Emergency and Civil Protection Command, also contacted by our newspaper, said they had not been alerted to any situation of this nature.

This means that the derailment was not serious, nor did it cause any injuries, and it was not necessary to call emergency vehicles.

The situation, as reported by the inspector on the train itself, was resolved by CP means.



Updated at 10:49 am, including information obtained from CP.


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