Left Bloc wants “more democracy, autonomy and stability” at UAlg

Catarina Martins and José Gusmão visited the University

Catarina Martins, former leader of the Bloco de Esquerda, and José Gusmão, head of this party's candidacy list for the Algarve, defend «more democracy, autonomy and stability» at the University of Algarve. 

The candidates and candidate of the Block met yesterday with the UAlg rectoral team, where several points were discussed and a consensus was reached on «the non-adequacy of financing both to the needs and particularities of the Institution».

According to Bloco de Esquerda, among other aspects, “the problem of the financing formula not taking into account economies of scale stands out, which puts institutions the size of the Algarve University at a disadvantage compared to Universities in large urban centers » and the «fact that the Algarve is not a convergence region, which lowers the participation rate for many projects».

After lunch in the canteen, Catarina Martins, José Gusmão and Diana Lourenço, who is a student at UAlg and a candidate for Block, met with students and listened to their concerns centered on accommodation, the absence of paid internships in a professional environment in many degrees and the cost of tuition fees.

«This cost is aggravated by the need to attend master's degrees as a necessary condition for accessing the qualified job market», says the party.

At this meeting, the problems of the institution's workers from all careers were also discussed.



«The diagnosis focused on the issue of power relations within the institution, the degradation of careers, and the widespread loss of purchasing power in salaries, which has a strong impact on the ability to recruit workers. The performance evaluation mechanisms received widespread rejection and are currently the biggest source of tension in work relations within the University», reads nora.

Lastly, the delegation of the Block met with teachers and researchers. The central problem discussed was that of precariousness, which is serious among teachers due to the use of false guest professors, «but takes on tragic dimensions among researchers, where more than 90% have a precarious contract».

«The FCT Tenure program will mitigate this problem, but it is by no means sufficient to solve it. An effective program to regularize precarious relationships for researchers and false guest teachers is necessary and urgent”, emphasizes the party.

«On this day dedicated to the University of Algarve, we were left with several certainties: without researchers with definitive contracts, the Algarve will be poorer; without housing for students and without the end of tuition fees, the Algarve will be poorer; Without a stable teaching staff, the Algarve will be poorer. Without workers in general careers with dignified careers, the Algarve will be poorer», they conclude, assuming that their program has solutions.