Associação Geoparque Algarvensis Loulé-Silves-Albufeira has already elected governing bodies

Manuel Viegas Guerreiro Foundation assumes chairmanship of the General Assembly

Aspiring Algarvensis Geopark – Pico Alto, Messines – Photo: Vasco Célio/STILLS

The governing bodies for the 2024-2027 three-year period of the recently created association Geoparque Algarvensis Loulé-Silves-Albufeira have already been elected.

The first meeting of the structure that will manage the Algarvensis Territory's candidacy for UNESCO World Geopark took place on the 7th, at the rectory of the University of Algarve, in Faro.

Thus, the board of the General Assembly will have the Manuel Viegas Guerreiro Foundation as president, represented by João da Silva Miguel, Tech Salt SA (Alexandre Andrade) as vice-presidency and GeoWalks and Talks (Helder Pereira), as secretary.

The Municipality of Silves (represented by Rosa Palma) was elected to the presidency of the Board, with the Municipality of Loulé (Vítor Aleixo) as vice-president, the member-treasurer the Municipality of Albufeira (José Carlos Rolo), and also the members of the University do Algarve (Paulo Águas) and Associação In Loco (Artur Gregório).

Finally, the Supervisory Board is chaired by NERA – Business Association of the Algarve Region (Vítor Neto), with Quinta do Freixo (Luís Silva) as vice-president and CCMAR – Centro de Ciências do Mar (Adelino Canário) as member.

The Manuel Viegas Guerreiro Foundation has already reacted, highlighting that the «unanimous acceptance» of its candidacy for the presidency of the General Assembly reflects «the recognition of the continuous work carried out by the Foundation, which is interconnected with that of the association».

João da Silva Miguel, already sworn in as president of the General Assembly, highlighted the importance that the association will have in the local development of the Algarvensis Geopark territory.

The current president of the Foundation's Board of Directors showed «total willingness to collaborate in whatever is necessary, in order to achieve the classification of Algarvensis, aspiring Geopark, by UNESCO».

João da Silva Miguel also highlighted the work that the Foundation has developed in boosting research and promoting studies of the patron's work.

He highlighted his role “in promoting sustainable tourism, combining social, economic and environmental aspects”.

Finally, he highlighted FMVG's contribution to «the reorganization of territorial relations and to expanding the attractiveness of the interior territory, with projects such as the Manuel Gomes Guerreiro Eco-Botânico Route, designed and created in Querença, and implemented on the grounds of the Foundation , at one of the foothills of the village, with the support of the Municipality of Loulé».

In addition to the municipalities of Loulé, Silves and Albufeira, the University of Algarve and FMVG, members of the Geoparque Algarvensis association are the In Loco association, the companies Tech Salt SA, Geo Walks and Talks, Quinta do Freixo, NERA – Associação Empresarial of the Algarve Region and the CCMAR – Center for Marine Sciences.