Algarvio Renato da Silva progressing in the European BMX Cup

Renato da Silva reached the quarter-finals today in the fourth round of the European BMX Cup

Algarve Renato da Silva (Team BMX Quarteira) reached the quarter-finals today in the fourth round of the European BMX Cup, in Zolder, Belgium, the place where he had managed to reach yesterday to the round of 16.

«In a day with less rain and a less slippery track, there were fewer falls and the results were more determined by physical capacity and technical qualities than by the luck of escaping misfortunes», says the Portuguese Cycling Federation.

Renato da Silva managed to pass the first round directly, without the need for a repechage. Two more rounds followed in which the Algarvian managed to progress, with direct qualifications. It was like that in the round of 16 and in the round of 16.

The National Team runner guaranteed a place in the 32 runners who competed in the quarter-finals. Competing in the last series of quarter-finals, Renato da Silva was ranked seventh in this race, out of the four that reached the semi-finals.

All things considered, Renato da Silva was ranked 28th among the 105 under-23s present in the fourth round of the European BMX Cup. It is a result that meets the expectations of national coach Alexandre Almeida, who expected an improvement compared to yesterday's result, taking into account that Renato da Silva is still in his first year at under-23 level.

After falling in yesterday's stage, junior Bernardo Rocha did not compete in this Sunday's races, a precautionary measure given his painful symptoms.

«Renato got into the rhythm of the best today, with times at the best level. He has aspects to improve, but he managed to meet all his objectives, placing in the first third of the classification and setting benchmark times,” says Alexandre Almeida.