Renato da Silva (Team BMX Quarteira) reaches the round of 16 of the European Cup

The Algarve native was the best member of the National Team in yesterday's stage of the European BMX Cup

Renato da Silva (Team BMX Quarteira) was the best member of the National Team in yesterday's stage of the European BMX Cup, reaching the round of 23 in the under-XNUMX category, in a competition held in Zolder, Belgium.

According to the Portuguese Cycling Federation, the Belgian round of the European Cup is being marked by rain, which makes the track slippery and causes many falls.

The two members of the National Team called up for Zolder were among those injured this Saturday, although with different consequences.

Junior Bernardo Rocha fell in the first qualifying phase, being immediately removed from the competition, without the possibility of competing in the following qualifiers.

Among the under-23s, Renato da Silva passed the first phase and went to ground in the round of XNUMX. In one of the most problematic curves on the track, only the rider who was slightly ahead escaped falling.



The remaining five participants, including the Algarvian, fell.

«Renato da Silva was one of the quickest to resume the march and, with that, guaranteed passage to the next phase of the competition», the federation also states.

In the round of 16, Renato da Silva ended up in fifth place, failing to advance by one position, as the top four qualified.

In the final classification, the Portuguese were 39th among 107 participants, very close to the goal set by national coach Alexandre Almeida, who aimed to place the Portuguese in the first third of the classification.

Today another stage of the European Cup takes place in Zolder. «Portugal is trying to physically recover Bernardo Rocha and will strive to improve Renato da Silva's final classification», states the cycling federation.