Albufeira will hire another 50 people for the education area

18 employees have already signed a contract

The Municipality of Albufeira is strengthening human resources in the area of ​​Education and, on March 15th, welcomed 18 of the 50 new technical assistants who have already signed their employment contracts.

«Education implies thinking about the whole, the community. It's something very noble. Dealing with young people and children is always
a challenge", said the mayor of Albufeira at the ceremony that took place in the Salão Nobre do Paços do

«This investment in human resources is an added value and crucial for combating some gaps that may exist in municipal schools and has a positive impact on the teaching and education of children and young people in Albufeira», said José Carlos Rolo, remembering that the Education also covers school administrative areas, transport and food in the municipality's school canteens.

In addition to investing in recruitment and training, the Municipality guarantees that it is committed to ensuring the proper functioning of institutions, strengthening teams and increasing the ratio between students and technical education assistants, especially after the significant increase in the number of students in recent years.

Cláudia Guedelha, councilor responsible for Education and Human Resources, stated that «these hires, in addition to reinforcing existing teams, will allow the opening of new kindergarten classrooms, as well as creating new ATL classes [ leisure activities]».

On the same day, after signing the employment contracts, the Municipality's Human Resources division presented the Town Hall space to the new employees, as well as a brief explanation
the institution's organizational culture and usual work procedures.