AD Algarve ends campaign in Loulé with eyes on a «new future»

More than 500 people gathered in the Party Hall

«28 days of learning with these magnificent people, visiting cities and places; coast, mountains and barrocal, on a journey of great complicity between people who know that this is one of the last opportunities for us to bring to the Algarve what the region deserves: justice, development and hope, a lot of hope for the future", this was how Miguel Pinto Luz ended the AD Algarve campaign yesterday, March 7th, in Loulé.

In the Party Hall, where more than 500 people gathered, the head of the list of the Democratic Alliance (AD) for the electoral district of Faro was received “with great ovation”.

In the words of Cristóvão Norte, Miguel Pinto Luz «came from other places to join us in this unequal fight, which is the demand for investment and attention in health, mobility, the issue of water and education».

For the president of the PSD District and number two on the AD list, «Miguel really came to fight for the Algarve and we are here, with appreciation and friendship, recognizing him and convinced that this fight will not end on the 10th; on the contrary, only then will it begin».

José Mendes Bota also took advantage of this moment to call for the vote of «everyone around us», asking for the opportunity for the AD to form «a strong government that takes the demands of the Algarve seriously».

The leader of the coalition recalled past battles and showed confidence in the spirit of responsibility of the Algarve so that «this election, which is one of the most important we have experienced in democracy», has «a good result for the Algarve, which necessarily implies a significant victory for the AD».

Macário Correia, president of the Honor Committee, also made an appeal for a moderate vote, remembering the past of the people of the Algarve, which has always been «a welcoming region, which gave destination to people from many other places who found a home here and have contributed a lot for the competitiveness of our economy”.

On the issue of water, the president of the Sotavento Irrigation Association also regretted that the government in recent years has seen the problem of drought without taking “any relevant decision”.

Now, he said, «it is time to change things and, therefore, it is important that we all vote on Sunday to give AD a great victory».

Cláudio Lima, president of the PSD of Loulé, welcomed everyone and Almancilense Isilda Guerreiro represented one of the parties in the coalition, the CDS-PP, «remembering the importance of this historic party in the fight for the development of the region – which, it must be said, found a perfect parallel in the participation of centrists in this enthusiastic and expressive electoral campaign, with excellent indications regarding the future of the party in the region», reads the note from AD Algarve.

Artur Gomes, leader of JSD Algarve, spoke about the future.